Congratulations Ignacio!

Congratulations Ignacio!

I am so happy to share that Ignacio closed his escrow last week and is now officially a homeowner!

After pushing through the VA loan challenges, he admitted it was all worth it in the end 🙂

Here are some more VA tips/facts:
-VA loans MUST have not only a termite report but also full clearance on any recommended termite work which includes section I (usually seller pays for these) and section II items. (easy handyman work that buyers usually take care of).
-NO per diem can be charged to the buyer as the lender will not approve the loan with these additional charges.

As discussed in past blogs:
-You can put as little as 0% down and there will be no mortgage insurance
-If you have disability there will be no lender’s fee
-VA appraisers are randomly assigned and any safety and hazard issues they note must be fixed

If you are a veteran you should look into your options for purchasing a home with a VA loan. I definitely believe that our vets should use their benefits that our government offers for their service to our country. My recommendation is to always explore your options but if you are purchasing with a VA loan, look for a house that is new(er), in good condition, or flipped.

Congratulations again to Ignacio! It was a tough escrow but we did it!


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