How to save water AND money during this extreme drought!

For those of you who live in Los Angeles County, you may have received a notice from the city indicating that we are currently facing an extreme water drought and those who “waste water” can be fined up to $500/day!

Here’s an article from the Los Angeles Times:

Initially I thought about washing my car and how I’ll have to start going to the car wash. But then I got to thinking about how that would only help decrease my risk of a $500 penalty fee and doesn’t do anything for the lack of water supply.

Fortunately my dad introduced me to this Turtle Wax Rinse Free Wash and Wax product. When he first told me about it I was very skeptical and thought it sounded dirty and it would not clean my car good enough. However, after testing out his new purchase I instantly became a fan. We used one bucket of water to wash three cars and it took about 10 minutes to complete my car.

 photo 2-1photo 1-1


You can purchase this product directly on the Turtle Wax website for $7.99 here:

But I also found it on Amazon for $5.97

One bottle is supposed to be good for 30 washes, but you can probably get more out of it if you wash multiple cars as a time.

I hope that you guys can enjoy this product as much as I have. It is also a great way for people who live in apartments or places where you do not have access to a hose to wash your own car. You can simply fill up a bucket inside your house and wash your car on the street 🙂

Happy Weber Weekly Wednesday. Now go save some water!



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