Congratulations to the Viados!!!


I had the privilege of meeting and working with Katherine and Luis Viado and their beautiful family to find this place which they now can call home! Since the very beginning I have been impressed with this family. They were on a hunt to find a house and even though there isn’t much inventory for sale, they were aggressively and actively looking. I would say that it was because of their determination and proactive approach that we were able to get into escrow within less than a months worth of searching. We were in communication everyday and when I sent them a listing they liked they made time to go drive by the property right away (usually the same day I sent the listing even if it meant after the sun went down). Because they made themselves available we were usually one of the first ones to view the property which gave them the opportunity to submit an offer if they really liked it. Although they lost to investors and higher offers on a couple of houses, the stay committed, determined, and did not lose sight of their dream of finding a home. When we found this home they listened to my advice and followed my directions and we got our offer accepted! To top things off everyone involved in the transaction worked together diligently and we were able to close a week early! 

Some tips that the Viados might give to you to get in and out of escrow quickly:
-Listen to Lauren’s advice!!! 🙂
-Be available to go see new listings right away
-Drive by the property at day and/or night to be sure that you like the neighborhood
-Submit a cover letter and photo with your offer
-Stay in good communication (email, text messages, phone calls)
-Have a good attitude 

I couldn’t be happier for this wonderful family, they are well deserving of this awesome home!

IMG_8178*Katherine is missing from the photos 😦

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