Drought-Resistant Landscaping and Rebates


I had a visit with a past client who is looking to put their home on the market to sell. One thing they need to do to prep for the sale is refresh their landscaping. Due to the drought, their grass has died out and they have expressed a big concern for the amount of water they would need to use to bring it back to it’s original condition. We discussed the option of turning their yards into drought-resistant landscaping and the possibility of getting a rebate for their turf removal project.

I’ve done some research on this program and have provided the information below to share some knowledge of these landscaping options.

“Turf grass is one of the most water-intensive plants in your landscape. Its high water use and frequent maintenance make it a time-consuming and expensive yard option. In fact, the average residential customer spends about 60% of their water on outdoor irrigation. By changing turf to a California Friendly™ yard of drought tolerant plants you can save water and money.

To help with turf removal projects, rebates are available for $2.00 or more per square foot of turf removed.  This increased turf removal rebate is being provided in response to Governor Edmund G Brown Jr.’s emergency drought declaration.

Who is eligible for a rebate?

To be eligible for a rebate, customers must:

  1. Have grass in the proposed project area
  2. Install a new landscape that meets the terms and conditions for their city. All projects must:
    • Not include live turf or turf looking plants
    • Include plants (not turf)
    • Follow any additional requirements for their city. You can see these requirements by applying for project start approval (instructions below).
  3. Synthetic turf is eligible for rebates unless stated in your area’s terms and conditions. Click “Estimate your rebate” to see if you qualify.
  4. Customers are responsible for complying with all applicable local laws, ordinances, and other restrictions.
  5. Must not have received a turf removal rebate before. Only one turf removal rebate per property.”

You can visit http://www.socalwatersmart.com or this link here for the full article and further instructions on the two step process of receiving this rebate.

Companies such as Turf Terminators will help you through this whole process and at no additional cost.

I’ve also found some other tools to help you decide whether or not this program is a good option for your home.

-Get an estimate of how much water you might save by using this water saving calculator: http://www.wrd.org/conservation/

-Learn how to properly read your water bill here: http://www.clca.us/water/waterbill.html

-Check out this site for other available water rebates: http://www.bewaterwise.com/rebates01.html

-Look up “drought tolerant landscaping” or “drought resistant landscaping” on www.pinterest.com to get some great ideas.


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