Congratulations Shaun!!!

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I am extremely happy to congratulate my friend Shaun on becoming a new home owner! Shaun grew up playing basketball with my dad but it wasn’t until after college that we became friends through local events and karaoke. Fast forward years later, I was very  honored when he reached out to me when he began his processes of buying his first home. Over a few months of exploring different homes in various neighborhoods around the South Bay it wasn’t until he stepped into this particular house that he found his “I’m home” feeling. Of course we had to compete with multiple offers and go through the drama of counter offers, not being accepted, then competing again, then finally being accepted. I would say that this house was meant to be his and the stars aligned to help him get it…and maybe it was also because of my awesome negotiating skills 😉  But in any case, Shaun never lost hope or sight of his goals through the searching process, escrow, inspections, and now finally today he got the keys to his beautiful home. By working with Shaun I have come to truly appreciate his mindset and work ethics of being a true entrepreneur. He is always on the go, full of energy, and carries himself in a confident manner. I definitely learned a thing or two from this business man. If you ever get a chance go visit his delicious Thai restaurant called Tantalice off Western and 238th.

Congratulations again Shaun, and thank you for allowing me the privilege of helping you turn yet another dream into a reality!


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