Congratulations Ayres Family!


Handing over keys to new home owners never gets old. I am so happy to share that my good friend Rod closed escrow on his sunset view condo in Redondo Beach and I have to admit I’m a bit jealous of the killer view. Rod’s road to becoming a home owner came with lots of paper work, communicating and translating between his Brazilian parents, and patience. Because Rod purchased his home during the holidays it was a longer process than expected but everyone worked together to close as quickly as possible. We were in escrow through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years which took away almost two weeks including half days and weekends, not to mention the already busy schedules of family gatherings and holiday parties. A tip to anyone that is buying or selling during the holidays is to keep the dates in mind and anticipate working through some possible delays due to offices having different holiday policies.  I have to give Rod and his family props for pushing through this busy time of the year and keeping their eye on the prize. Did I mention that his parents were in Brazil for majority of this transaction??? It wasn’t easy being on a 6 hour time difference and having some required documents not even exist in their government but I am very proud of the Ayres family for going the extra mile and sticking it out till the end. It was a pleasure getting to know Rod’s parents and being able to help out such a dear friend of mine. 2014 was a great year for Rod and I’m so happy that he gets to start this new year off in his very own new home! Congratulations again, you did it!

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