High Tech Home Inspection

A few things to expect when doing your home inspection:

-Home inspections can take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on how large the house is and how many questions you ask the inspector.
-You may either follow the inspector around the house or let him/her go through entirely then review items that were found at the end of the inspection.
-The inspector should do a thorough job of looking at all aspects of the house including underneath the house if it has a crawl space, the roof, outlets, AC/heating units, exhausts, windows, leaks or water damage, healthy and safety codes, exterior items, etc. If the issue is out of the realms of the inspectors knowledge he/she may advise you to consult with a professional ie: plumber, roofer, electrician, contractor, etc.
-Bring cash, check, or credit card to pay the inspector at the end of the inspection. Accepted payment types may vary depending on the company policies.
-Inspections can typically cost anywhere from $250-500 depending on the size and inspector.
-You should receive a copy of your full report with photos and an itemized list of everything they discovered.
-Not all buyers need to be present at the inspection but it is encouraged so that everyone has the opportunity to ask any questions on the spot.

To book your home inspection with Aris from National Certified Structural Inspectors visit their website at www.ncsinspectors.com or call their office at (323)531-0334. I highly recommend them!

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