Congratulations to the Webers!!!

     A very special and happy congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law, Mark and Linda!!!

Like most of my clients, I truly feel that Mark and Linda got matched with this house by fate. Their story of purchasing a new home is different than most but in general it all just felt right and that’s usually the best sign. The stars, moon, and sun all aligned on Super Bowl Sunday when I went to meet up with Mark and Linda at Linda’s twin sisters house in Irvine. The plan was to meet at Mindy and Daniel’s house and then head over to Newport to celebrate Super Bowl together. As a Realtor I always notice open house signs, so when I spotted one pointing in the direction of the community I was entering I made a mental note of it.  Little did I know, the signs continued to follow my route and ended up being only four houses across the street from Mindy and Daniel! When I got there it was 10 minutes until it opened so I decided to go say hi to everyone and then run back to take a peek. When mentioning it, Mindy got excited and told Mark and Linda they should buy it (half jokingly but mostly serious). The six of us walked over together and toured the home. It was clean, bright, and had more space than their current home (perfect for building a family *wink wink). The price was within reach and they were due to refinance their place within the next year. So the thought of buying this home started to make some sense. We went to Newport, had a really fun party, and shared the news with the rest of Linda’s family who also encouraged them to look into buying it. A few day’s later everything worked out financially and we got their offer accepted in a multiple offer situation.

The biggest thing that I learned from this process was the power and importance of family. Everything was only possible with the help of brothers, sisters, moms and dads, and cousins. I saw the strong family values that my in-laws uphold by doing everything they could to help get the twins to live on the same block. The main goal of this whole transaction was to keep the family close together so that their kids can grow up together. Now they will we able to raise their kids together, carpool, and have numerous cousin sleepovers 🙂

Also, I’ve always admired my brother but through this process I gained an even deeper appreciation and admiration for all of his hard work he does to provide for and give his wife the life she wants and deserves. I can only hope to find a husband just as loving and devoted as him one of these days. 

Thank you Mark and Linda for entrusting me with this important process. I look forward to many family gatherings together in your new beautiful home!

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