I Am A Certified Negotiation Expert!

The National Association of Realtors profile of home buyers and sellers shows:
-99% of Buyers believe negotiation skills are “Very Important” or “Somewhats Important” in their real estate agent.
-Only 43% of all Buyers felt their agent “negotiated better sales contact terms”.
-Buyers give “Negotiation Skill” the lowest satisfaction rating of all agent skills and qualities.
-Only 5% of Sellers want “help with negotiation and deal with Buyers”.

These statistics shock me and is pretty upsetting to me that so many home buyers and seller’s felt as though they were not represented by a skilled  negotiator. Over my years of practice in Real Estate I have learned how to communicate with my clients as well as the other agent involved in the transaction. I believe my form of negotiation is a collaborative one where it’s a win-win situation for all parties. Don’t get me wrong, my top priority is my client and getting the best deal for them while protecting and informing them, but I believe negotiation can be done in a way where we get what we want and the other party is happy and feels as though they get what they want.

To take my negotiation skills to the next level, I spent all of Monday and Tuesday earning this certification to better serve my clients and I’m feeling pretty good about it 🙂

Here are a few tips (whether you are in the Real Estate industry or not):
-90% of a negotiation is about gathering as much information as possible.
-Assess the situation, ask many questions, identify the type of negotiator you are dealing with, then apply the correct approach.
-The most successful negotiations are collaborative ones. When you approach a situation with a win-win outcome and all parties are happy you will have the best results.


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