Chicago for the Women’s Council of Realtor’s Leadership Academy

Hello! And my apologies for a much over due blog post. I will confess that it has not been much of a Weber “weekly” this past month. However, I am happy to say it is because I have been busy working with clients, participating in a leadership program, learning the ropes as president elect for the Women’s Council of Realtors, and volunteering with the Nisei Week Foundation. Today, I wanted to share about my trip to Chicago for the Women’s Council of Realtor’s Leadership Academy.

Every year, the President Elects gather in Chicago, Illinois to network, learn more about the Women’s Council of Realtors organization as a whole, and enrich our leadership skills as we prepare for our year ahead as President’s of our local chapters. I attended this leadership academy a couple weekends ago and it was filled with many firsts for me. I had never traveled and explored a new city alone before, nor have I ever held a position such as President or President Elect for that matter. I knew it was going to be a weekend of growth and adventure but I had no idea to what extent.

For starters, I met so many inspiring women from around our Nation who all share common goals. First, to be successful Real Estate agents, but more impressively, to be leaders in the industry. Sharing stories about why we stepped into this position and communicating concerns, has helped shed some fears I’ve had about this big responsibility and in exchange am excited for our futures ahead. I met women who have been members of WCR for 15, 20, 30, even 40+ years! Their continuous years of commitment to membership and involvement is a true testament to this organization.

I learned more about the history of Women’s Council of Relators (WCR), being that it was first formed by the California Real Estate Association as a Women’s Division in 1924 after members attended the National Association’s convention in Washington D.C. Fourteen years later, the president of the National Associations of Realtors acknowledged and supported this group by expanding it to a National level. Since this inception in 1938, WCR’s membership growth has reflected the vast number of women choosing a career in real estate. One shocking fact that I learned over the weekend was that in the beginning of women pursuing real estate as a career, men used to be paid a commission while women would be compensated with gifts such as a bottle of wine. This alone has opened my eyes to how far we have come in our profession.

Our mission statement is:
We are a network of successful REALTORS, advancing women as professionals and leaders in business, the industry and the communities we serve.

I’ve known this mission statement for the past three years of my involvement in WCR. However, now it holds so much more meaning to me. The work I’ve put into being a board member of this organization has been time consuming, challenging, and at times a bit scary. But I am learning what it takes to be a leader and I can only hope that I can step up to this position to ultimately better serve my clients, colleagues, and community.

This video was played on the first day of our learning modules and has stuck with me since. It embodies so much inspiration and has provoked thoughts of where I am going and what type of life I want to live. I decided six years ago, in the beginning of my career, that I will be 110% dedicated to serve, learn, and grow so that I can be something bigger than myself. I don’t want to live this life playing small, I want to play big. My hope is that EVERYONE can recognize the leader within themselves. I have been so fortunate to have discovered that I do have the capacity to lead, but it was only with the support and encouragement from my mentors, leaders, friends, and family who showed me first that they believe in me and my abilities. I am forever grateful for each and every one of these people, for life’s opportunities, and for the continuous challenges that push me to be the best that I hope to be. I welcome 2016 as the President of Women’s Council of Realtors, South Bay and hope to be able to fill the big shoes that have lead before me. It is an honor to continue on the legacy that the women before me have set in place to support the immense potential of women in real estate.

Congratulations Claudia!


Claudia and Lauren

I’m so excited for Claudia who got the keys to her new home yesterday. It was a pleasure getting to know her through this process and I have learned a few lessons from her work ethics and determination. It took only a month of searching before we got into escrow and in today’s market I would say that is a quick turn around time which took determination and time commitment. Claudia understood the competitive nature of the market and was available to view homes as soon as they were listed (sometimes the day of or a few hours out). She drove around the areas and neighborhoods she was interested in to narrow down her search criteria and also visited at different times of the day. Because of her proactive approach to the search process she was able to make a clear decision once we came across a couple homes she was interested in. I really appreciated Claudia’s open communication and quick responses which made us a good team and effective in our search. I truly feel blessed to have such amazing clients such as Claudia. I am constantly learning and growing through working with my clients to help them achieve a huge goal in their lives. I am reminded by Claudia that hard work, dedication, and preparation can lead to accomplishing great things. Thank you Claudia, you are so deserving of this beautiful home! Congratulations!