Congratulations Claudia!


Claudia and Lauren

I’m so excited for Claudia who got the keys to her new home yesterday. It was a pleasure getting to know her through this process and I have learned a few lessons from her work ethics and determination. It took only a month of searching before we got into escrow and in today’s market I would say that is a quick turn around time which took determination and time commitment. Claudia understood the competitive nature of the market and was available to view homes as soon as they were listed (sometimes the day of or a few hours out). She drove around the areas and neighborhoods she was interested in to narrow down her search criteria and also visited at different times of the day. Because of her proactive approach to the search process she was able to make a clear decision once we came across a couple homes she was interested in. I really appreciated Claudia’s open communication and quick responses which made us a good team and effective in our search. I truly feel blessed to have such amazing clients such as Claudia. I am constantly learning and growing through working with my clients to help them achieve a huge goal in their lives. I am reminded by Claudia that hard work, dedication, and preparation can lead to accomplishing great things. Thank you Claudia, you are so deserving of this beautiful home! Congratulations!


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