Redondo Waterfront Revitalization Project


Last week I attended a meeting with the Women’s Council of Realtors who had CentralCal Properties speak about the Redondo Waterfront revitalization project. There has been a lot of buzz and a few concerns regarding construction, traffic, and specific changes to Redondo Beach as a whole. After attending this meeting and learning about what’s to come, I am extremely excited for all the future plans. CentralCal hopes to have all building plans and permits approved by 2017 and the completion of the project by 2019/2020.

Some things that we can anticipate to see include:

  • Public gathering areas for art exhibitions, concerts and other community events
  • Revitalized Seaside Lagoon opened to natural tidal flow
  • Open park space for exercise and outdoor recreation
  • Market Hall populated by local businesses
  • Four-star boutique hotel
  • Luxury cinema with full service restaurant
  • Dining amid parks with harbor views
  • Specialty retailers set along tree-lined streets
  • New public boardwalk
  • Enhanced access to the coastline for bikes and pedestrians
  • Reinvigorated Redondo Beach Pier

See below for the proposed layout of the project.

Respect for the local environment has fundamentally guided the direction of The Waterfront project from the beginning stages of design. The Waterfront will be a project that pays homage to our awe-inspiring coastal environment with a design that prioritizes open space; promotes coastal access for pedestrians and public transportation users; and fits seamlessly within the context of its unique environmental surroundings.

Additional benefits include:

-Creation of approximately 2,500 jobs and subsequent additional employment positions through its indirect economic impact on surrounding local businesses.

-Sustainable economic growth for Redondo Beach is conservatively estimated at about $3.25 million per year revenue from property, sales and hotel taxes.

For more information and to sigh up to receive updates on the progress of the project visit:

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