Congratulations to the Cohens!!!


I could not have been more thrilled to give the Cohens keys to their new home this past weekend. It had been quite the journey but through it all I had the privilege of getting to know Sandy and Jay on a more intimate level and learned so much from them.

I first met Sandy when we both lived in San Diego back in 2004. Thanks to facebook we were able to keep in touch over the years and fast forward to 11 years later Sandy is now married to her awesome husband, Jay, and they are living nearby in Pasadena.  I was thrilled when Sandy reached out to me with their new goal of purchasing their first home together. What made reconnecting and catching up even more exciting was the news of expecting their first baby in December!  What an honor and joy to be part of their journey and new chapter in life.

When we first started our search I told the Cohens what they think they want and what they end up with may not be in complete alignment, but the one thing they can trust is their internal guide and the feeling of “meant to be”.  After exploring different neighborhoods, home styles, sizes, shapes, and colors, it was very clear when we walked through the doors of their home that it was the one!

Upon entering escrow, the Cohens worked diligently and quickly with their lender and in scheduling their home inspections. Negotiations with the seller, correcting city rules/regulations, and navigating through the new loan process were just a few obstacles that we overcame to close on Christmas Eve 2 days after Dexter was born! It was so amazing to watch Jay and Sandy communicate, make quick decisions, and plan all during their pregnancy and arrival of their new bundle of joy. There were times when the pressure was high but they kept their cool and had a great attitude through it all. Giving keys to the Cohens may be my all time favorite closing and celebration. I got to meet Dexter, who stole me heart, and I asked Jay and Sandy if facing all the challenges was worth it, which they happily said “Yes” with big smiles on their faces.

I could not have asked for a better Christmas present! It’s moments like this that remind me why I LOVE what I do. With every home that I sell, I learn an even bigger life lesson. From working with Jay and Sandy I will take away what I saw in their relationship. They complement each other so well and work together as a great team. I love the love that they share with each other and can only hope that one day I will be as lucky as they are to have found each other 🙂

Congratulations to Jay and Sandy on your new home, chapter in life, and handsome baby, all of which are very well deserved!


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