Neighborhood Spotlight: Cedric Shen


As your local REALTOR’s, our goal is to connect the Redondo Beach community. Each month we support and connect neighbors by sharing what they are up to!

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“Are you guys the What’s Up Redondo Girls?” – we hear a voice coming from somewhere above upon ringing the door bell. We turn around and look up to the balcony and see Cedric’s gracious welcoming smile. Off the bat, we notice his calm, friendly and welcoming demeanor as he enthusiastically shares with us the upgrades he did to his home and his love for living here. Eager to learn more about him, we ask him about what he does for a living. He humbly answers that he is an attorney and primarily practices immigration law and his passion for his work stems from his own experience becoming a US Citizen upon moving here from Canada. We could tell that he really cares about his job and the people he serves and that his own experience going through the process really helps him connect with and compassionately serve his clients. We left our first meeting with Cedric with a smile!

All our encounters since have been nothing but professional and inspiring. Cedric has a fantastic attitude, a high work ethic and is extremely professional which make us really excited to feature him on this months Neighborhood Spotlight!




When did you open your firm and what inspired you to focus on immigration law?  
I’ve been practicing law for over 11 years but I was always inspired to find a practice area that would allow me to help others.  I started my own immigration law firm in 2010 and as an immigrant from Canada, I had to go through the visa and green card process myself.  As a result, I was inspired to help others who wanted to immigrate to the United States.
What types of cases do you primarily focus on and specialize in?
 I primarily handle marriage green cards, employment visas, investor visas, and naturalization cases.  I particularly enjoy handling family-based cases and playing a role in helping families reunite, whether they be spouses, parents, children or siblings.
Why did you choose to live in Redondo Beach?
We wanted to to be in a family-friendly neighborhood, close to the beach, and with easy access to freeways and Redondo Beach was the perfect fit.  We love that there is a mix of sophistication with a laid-back lifestyle, and everybody we met has been welcoming and hospitable.
What about living in the South Bay inspires what you do?  
We love the diversity of the South Bay – seeing people from so many different cultures and all walks of life.  In any given neighborhood, you can find a family with young children, a friendly retired couple, or a yuppy in the prime of his/her career.  Living in a neighborhood as diverse as the South Bay has been a great experience and I know that it will only get better.
How do you see your business making a difference and impacting our local community?  
My practice can help businesses and individuals.  We often have local businesses looking to hire a foreign worker and they need a visa for the employee.  We can assess the position and the employee’s qualifications to determine whether there is a visa available.  We have also seen an influx of foreign entrepreneurs looking to start businesses in the South Bay – particularly in the tech field.  We can work with these entrepreneurs to set up a business and to secure appropriate visas to allow them to run their operations.
Anything else we should know about your and/or your business?  
As someone who immigrated to the United States, I understand firsthand the anxiety and stress that many people experience when trying to move to here.  So my job is more than just applying for visas on behalf of a client, but to also be there as a counselor, confidante, and a friend.  Seeing my clients’ dreams of living here is rewarding and something I couldn’t put a price on.
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For a complementary 15-minute phone consultation with Cedric about immigrating to the United States call (310) 591-8200 or email


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