Congratulations To The “Soon To Be” Trost Family!


Congratulations to Junette and Jerome who purchased their first home together all while working full time jobs, attending school, and planning a wedding! Talk about power couple go-getters! It was an honor and a blast working with such close friends, as Junette and Michelle have known each other since the 2nd grade!  Michelle would come back from their home tours excited to share about how much fun she was having working with her best friends. (Now, that’s when you know that you love what you do!)

Michelle taught Junette and Jerome our method on how to search for homes the right way verses the wrong way. It was impressive to watch them apply these skills and determinedly find their home in just a little over a month! They took the time to drive the different neighborhoods they were considering to narrow down their options and powerfully choose the home that was right for them. Their determination and dedication was what enabled them to find their home in a short period of time.

It wasn’t until we had our home inspection that I had the privilege of working face to face with Junette and Jerome. I could see right away why Michelle was having so much fun with these two. Their dynamic relationship with each other and fun loving spirits makes for a good time with anyone involved. My favorite is Jerome’s jokes and Junettes reactions 🙂 I could also see why they were able to find their house quickly. When it came down to business, their teamwork really shined through in their decision making and support for one another. Go team Trost!

We are so happy for the “soon to be” Trost’s and for what is in store for them this year. What an amazing way to start their life journey together and we know that many more good things are coming their way! Cheers to a year filled with amazing memories and festivities! We love you two love birds!



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