Neighborhood Spotlight: Cat Landry


As your local REALTOR’s, our goal is to connect the South Bay community. Each month we support and connect neighbors by sharing what they are up to! This month we were privileged to get to know Cat Landry, independent graphic designer and owner of Cat Landry Design. After meeting Cat while out in the neighborhood, we were immediately captivated by her vibrant personality and were excited to get to know her better over a coffee date.

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Shout out to Two Guns Espresso for their consistent deliciousness!

Originally hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, Cat now has several decades of California living under her belt (and even convinced her parents to make the move out West)! While Cat has scores of clients around the country, she also works for and supports companies right here in the South Bay.

With a Communication Design degree from OTIS, as well as experience as both a marketing director and an art director, Cat has the expertise to supplement her natural talent as a graphic designer. Beyond her impressive resume, however, Cat has also honed a skill set that helps her to evaluate and determine not just the needs of her clients, but also their personal style. As she explains, “There is no cookie-cutter formula, it is a personalized experience.” What stood out to us about Cat was her dedication to truly getting to know her clients and creating work that embodies who they are.

Beyond being an entrepreneur, Cat is a dedicated mother and member of the South Bay community! Read on to learn more about Cat and what makes her great at what she does…


What inspired you to start your business?

After attending The Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design (it’s now simply called OTIS), I worked my way up in the corporate world starting with screen print design, then digital design and production for print advertising. My print experience led me to an art director position with a Santa Monica ad agency where I built my portfolio working with clients in luxury travel, cosmetics, gourmet foods, etc. I broadened my scope of work when I was recruited by a national marketing firm. There, my focus was product design for clients in pharmaceuticals, heath & beauty, wine & spirits, sports & fitness, and more.

Although I enjoyed the creative work very much, I felt that something was missing in each of these corporate businesses. It took some time for me to identify what didn’t feel right. One day I realized that there was a shortage of happy people in the work place. There were so many people who were unhappy, unsatisfied, bitter, hated being in the office, and resented their clients and coworkers. It seemed that I was the only one having fun. I love design and felt that I learned so much from each new client and project, and I craved a more positive environment.

In 1999, I decided that the best way for me to continue to enjoy my work was to do it my way… with a smile. I put in my two-weeks notice and left the corporate world to start my own business. Cat Landry Design was “born” on my birthday in July 1999. Although freelance design has its ups and downs (financially and logistically), I’ve never regretted the choice to enjoy my work every single day.


What sort of graphic design do you specialize in? 

I work with clients in many different industries, including but not limited to: real estate, home furnishings, travel, corporate coaching, medical equipment, fitness, entertainment, elder care, automotive, apparel, churches, and health & beauty. My specialty, is corporate identity (logo design), branding, and marketing for print or web. I love working with new businesses and helping them along the path to success.
Example: I have clients who started their business, BioDesigns, in their garage in the South Bay over 15 years ago. I branded their company, created marketing materials, helped them develop a clear identity for their business, and stuck with them every step of the way. Now, their garage is where they park their luxury cars after successful days in their 6,000 square foot clinical facility in Westlake Village. They’re helping amputees all over the world live active, more comfortable lives. It’s a wonderful feeling to see a client’s business grow and flourish and it’s very satisfying to see good people succeed.
My clients love their work, I love making their businesses look great, and we all enjoy the process together. That’s what it’s all about.


What are some of the perks of a client working with a local graphic designer?

I love working with local businesses and supporting my community. The “South Bay Bubble” is a special area with it’s own unique culture. What could be better than working with a designer who really knows the community your business serves and the audience you’re trying to reach? Sure, a designer who lives in the heart of New York City may do stellar work, but they aren’t likely to fully grasp the vibe of our little pocket of the west coast.


Local / South Bay Clients:
  • Inner Glimmer – Manhattan Beach
  • Bionic Body/Kim Lyons – Hermosa Beach
  • St. Cross Episcopal Church – Hermosa Beach
  • Cass the Fix-It Lass – Torrance
  • Blue Water Realty Advisors – Redondo Beach
  • Elite Resorts & Spas – Redondo Beach
  • VIP Consulting – Redondo Beach
  • South Bay Pony Baseball – Manhattan Beach


What makes you great at graphic design?

I am a collaborative designer. I want to work WITH you to make your business look amazing. I want to get to know you and hear your ideas. I want you to share/show me what you love so that I can create a designs that represent you and that speak to your audience in the way that you feel is important. I want you to feel proud and excited to show off your logo, marketing materials, and website. If your business needs a modern, clean and corporate look, great. If you want a fun, funky look that shows people that your approach is a little different, perfect. If you have absolutely no idea what you want or like and need some guidance, I’ve got you covered. Need related marketing professionals who do things that I don’t cover? I have referrals for you.

What do you hope to be known for in your community?

As a designer, I hope to be known as someone who is versatile and professional… but even more importantly; friendly, caring, easy to work with.


What is your favorite thing to do in the South Bay?

Walking the Strand. Leisurely strolls and browsing the shops on Pier Ave or Riviera Village. Sunshine drives up and around Palos Verdes to hike and enjoy the sunset. Romantic dinners with my honey. Family dinners with our three kids.


 *To schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation for logo and marketing design, email and be sure to mention Weber Accetta Group!*



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