Congratulations to the Griggs!

By: Michelle Accetta and Lauren Weber

2016 Huntington Picture_Grigg-1

We were so fortunate to have met the Grigg Family through our friend Heather Valentine,  aka @onefitmother, and had a hunch that if they were friends of hers they were going to be nothing short of amazing. Our instincts were right!  From the moment we met them they exuded the same positive energy that Heather has and we were instantly impressed with their parenting skills. With four little ones under their belt, they sure made parenting look easy!

One of the reasons we love what we do… we get to meet inspiring people like the Griggs. The Griggs family atmosphere was what really inspired us. Their family operates from a place of love. Amy and Nathan are such amazing parents, their children are inquisitive, bright and extremely well behaved (we think they should write a book – they really are that great). From our experiece with them, we saw that as parents the Grigg’s are always acting for what is best for their family and always looking to expand the minds of their children. A great example of this is at the close of escrow, Nathan held their one year old , Gwen, who wanted to touch the chandelier in the kitchen. From our experience, most parents would ignore the request or even scold the child for making it. Instead, Nathan let her touch the chandelier and explore what happened when she touched it. We can see from this short glimpse into their world that learning and growing is really supported in their home. We imagine each and every one of them to do big things in this world because of their supportive family atmosphere and the encouragement of curiosity and wonder!

It was a family affair every time we showed the Griggs a house and no one was left out. They packed up the kids, headed out, and always showed up with a cheerful attitude. Because the Griggs knew exactly where they wanted to live, what qualities they needed in their home, and what their nonnegotiables were, it made identifying a home for them very easy. They would apologized for being “picky” when they would immediately say “no” to a potential home, but knowing what they wanted made the search process quick. We assured them that being “picky” was a good thing, because it meant they knew what they wanted. Finding a home really is mostly a process of elimination and identifying your “must haves” and “nonnegotiables”.

Here are three tips to help identify your home quickly and efficiently:
1. Location, Location, Location!
If you are unsure of where you’d like to live, start driving around the different neighborhoods you are open to and eliminating the areas and streets you can not see yourself living in. This way when a home comes on the market you don’t waste your time  driving to the property, arriving to an area you know you would never live in and then contemplate a kitchen remodel when the whole thing is wrong from the start. Believe us  you will save your self precious time and energy this way. Visit the different neighborhoods at different hours of the day. If you can narrow down your ideal neighborhood first, you are in good shape!

2. Must Haves and Nonnegotiables
Make a list of your top three “must haves” or “nonnegotiables”. If there is more than one decision maker in the buying process be sure to have an open discussion about what these items are. You may be surprised at what is important to everyone involved, make no assumptions!  ie: can not be on a busy streets, close to the freeway, must have a large yard, must have a walk-in closet, can not have a death on the property in recent years, etc.

3. Are you willing to do work to the house?
Knowing whether or not you are willing to do work to the house is important in the beginning stages of your process. If you are open to doing work, set aside a budget so you know once  you view the home if the amount of work needed to make it what you want is worth the time and money.

Thank you again to the Griggs for allowing us the privilege of representing you in your home buying journey. It was great getting to know your loving family.



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