Congratulations to Tim!

By: Michelle Accetta and Lauren Weber


Congratulations to Tim on the purchase of his new home!! Tim’s story started off like many of today’s buyers with an air of frustration and cynicism. After submitting multiple offers and getting beat out by other buyers, Tim put home buying on hold and found a place to rent which is where our paths crossed! Fast forward to a couple years later, we re-introduced the idea of being a home owner to Tim which he expressed was still a goal of his. At our buyers consultation we sat down and listened to his past experience and assured him that it didn’t have to be that way again. We educated him on how we approach the home buying process and he left our meeting in high spirits.

Showing houses to him and even a call with him to confirm an appointment was always a pleasure. Tim has to be one of the most positive people we know. He is always upbeat, has a smile on his face, and makes the best of any situation! By fate, and some hard work, the stars aligned and we identified the perfect home for Tim. Big yard to throw around some football, redone so he can immediately move in, and in a nice quite neighborhood with a friendly commute to work! With some negotiations we got our offer accepted and secured a reduced sales price during our contingency period. In Tim’s words “We under promised and over delivered”.

What there is to take away from Tim’s story is his attitude and trust. Every home we have sold we are confident that each of our clients has ended up exactly where they’re supposed to be. Though Tim was skeptical, he trusted us and was so positive and fun! It really goes to show that no matter what you are doing, how good or how bad, it always comes down to your attitude! Working with Tim was a fantastic reminder of that. So get out there, take the bull by the horns, put a smile on your face and be like Tim!!


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