Thank You Cathy!


Late December 2015 we got what we thought was quite possibly the best thing ever… an unsolicited email from someone named Cathy who wanted to be our intern!! (What?!?!) We probably read it over 18 times as we were so excited. It was hard not to notice the professionalism, enthusiasm, and gusto exuded from this person we had never met in one short email. We just had to meet her, and that we did! Cathy was just as imagined, but with a bigger than imaginable simile and zest for life.

Over the past 5 months Cathy has been exposed to all aspects of the Real Estate industry, from our marketing campaigns, lead generation, negotiations, brokers open houses to even writing some of the blog posts all of you read. The most rewarding thing for us is that she has really come to love the industry we love and will soon be licensed to sell Real Estate! We would have loved to make Cathy a permanent member of our growing team, but she accepted a job offer to start her Real Estate career in her dream city of Santa Barbra.

Looking at an internship in the traditional sense, one would think the intern would do all of the learning. In our case, we have learned life lessons from Cathy. Her zeal for life and adventure as an avid surfer, traveler, and sometimes camper has taught us that no matter what there is always room for adventure while achieving your dreams, you just have to be open to it and go for it. Cathy is a great example of going after your dreams, she wrote us an unsolicited email for an internship… that’s what going after your dreams looks like!



As we bid goodbye to Cathy we are filled with so many mixed emotions. From extreme excitement and hearts full of happiness for her new life and what she is set to to do in this world, to sadness to saying goodbye to one of the most inspiring people we have had the privilege of meeting.  We knew from the moment we met Cathy that she is a smart, ambitious, and very personable woman, however we didn’t now how much she would teach us in the short amount of time we got to know her.  Her always eagerness to learn and ability to exceed any task that was given to her will undoubtedly carry her far not only in her Real Estate career but in any journey she sets out to accomplish.

Thank you Cathy for all that you’ve done for the Weber Accetta Real Estate Group. You will be greatly missed and incredibly hard, if not impossible, to replace. We wish you the best for your new chapter in your life in Santa Barbara! We love you and know you are going to do great things and we can not wait to see what’s in store for you!

*** If any of you are looking for a bad ass soon-to-be agent in the Santa Barbara area, Cathy is your girl!


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