Congratulations Jeremy and Val!

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.21.21 AM

It is always such an honor to congratulate our clients upon the purchase of their new home and an even bigger honor to get to know them through the whole process of working together. With each client we get the privilege of working with we also learn so much through the way they work to accomplish their Real Estate goals. Jeremy and Valerie were of course nothing short of impressive and inspiring.

From the moment we met them we could tell they were not only very smart but also good people and a loving family. At our next meeting we discussed what they were looking for, taught them our search methods, and set them off with some homework in hand. They went above and beyond with creating spreadsheets and really following through on our advise on how to begin their home buying journey. This allowed them to hone in on where they wanted to be in the South Bay, which was initially their biggest challenge, and made the next step that much easier.

It only took our first home tour to see first hand how well they worked together. Between caring for their two young kids, to taking videos to remember the different homes, it was really inspiring to see how they communicated, respected one another, and work so well together. We especially love how they talk to their children and interacted with them during all their home tours. Once we entered escrow it was even more evident how amazing of a team they are. Their family was always a number one priority, but they made the time to get business done and stay on top of everything as well as be fully involved and engaged in the process.

We are so grateful to have met Jeremy and Val and to have represented them in this important time. We don’t take lightly how lucky we are to meet such amazing people and we will carry on all the things that they have taught us in their work ethics and lifestyle. Thank you to Jeremy and Val for allowing us to get to know you and your family and trusting us to be your Real Estate agents!

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