Our Story

In case any of you were wondering how the Weber Accetta Real Estate Group came to be, we had the privilege of having our story written by our former intern who is now part of our marketing team- Cathy Strini. Thank you Cathy!


Lauren and Michelle’s matchup was initially fueled by their love for Real Estate and jewelry. Originally, they shared time marveling over old treasures, making jewelry and touring the newest South Bay listings. Overtime, this connection transformed into a business pairing, when the two teamed up to collaboratively market to a larger Real Estate audience. Through this collaboration, Lauren and Michelle quickly realized a shared passion for being involved in their communities, so they began to engage in their neighborhood, highlighting the hard-working individuals in what is now their neighborhood spotlight.

The strength of their working relationship was undeniable, so the two decided to pool their collective market knowledge and sprawling networks to create The Weber Accetta Real Estate Group.

This accelerated their individual Real Estate careers and together Lauren and Michelle have found it possible to serve their clients beyond what either could accomplish alone. You would be hard-pressed to find a more dynamic, in-sync team than the Weber Accetta Group. Their commitment to their clients is unparalleled, while the combination of their unique personalities guarantees results. Lauren’s calm and steady communication style perfectly complements and channels Michelle’s creativity and ideas. Different as they are, they run their business and team on a mutual foundation of honesty and integrity.  Collectively, The Weber Accetta Real Estate Group takes pride in guiding their clients through life’s meaningful transitions.


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