Neighborhood Spotlight: Allison Gander

Staying inspired throughout the grit and grind of daily life is not always easy! Our meetings with our monthly Neighborhood Spotlights have become something that we genuinely look forward to …and always come away from feeling refreshed. We love getting insight into other entrepreneurs’ lives and seeing how they shape their careers around their passions.

This month we interviewed Allison Gander, owner and principal of AGA Design – an architectural consulting firm. Always sketching as a child, Allison recognized early on that with her drawing abilities and aptitude for geometry a career as an architect would be the perfect fit!

AG shot

With over 12 years of experience in the profession to-date, Allison prepared for her career not just with a Bachelor’s of Science in architecture, but also with a year at Ecole d’Architecutre de Paris-La Villette and a Master’s of Architecture from Georgia Tech. Lucky for us, Allison relocated from Georgia to Los Angeles where she promptly began working as a Project Architect consultant for Levin & Associates. (If you have ever been to the Dodger Stadium or the John Anson Ford Ampitheatre – you have likely marveled at some of her work!)

Allison’s next step brought her to creating AGA Designs. Opening her own firm allowed Allison the flexibility to express her passion through projects of her own choosing. She loves taking a hands-on approach and taking the time to be involved in the developmental stage of a project. From helping entrepreneurs looking to develop their first commercial space to designing a custom piece of furniture for homeowners, AGA Design is a full-service architecture firm and Allison stays fully involved from start to finish. Allison is community oriented and loves sourcing clients from right here in the South Bay!

GCM Persp.jpg
Sketch Perspective Design

Professionally, Allison is detail-oriented, focused and committed to quality work. Personally, she is genuine, warm and brimming with passion. Her big heart is as obvious as her talent and she is a true pleasure to be around. She shared her love story with us (Grand Canyon Proposal!) and we came away from our coffee date feeling as if we had just made a new friend. Read on to hear more about Allison and AGA Design!

Casa Full Downstairs
Interior Design by AGA Designs
  1. What inspired you to be an architect?                                                                                             I’ve always loved to draw and sketch.  Eventually I headed in the architecture direction because I could use those talents and couple them with my geometric brain and curiosity and find out how things should be put together.
  2. Give us a brief run-down of the services/experience that you offer?                                AGA Design is a full service architecture firm, doing everything from initial design consultation to construction administration.  We also consult with other professionals to assist on some other large projects.
  3. Do you have a personal favorite architectural style?                                                     I studied pure modernism heavily in school- and will always have an affinity for less is more and pure material design.
  4. How has living in the South Bay helped aid the growth of your business or inspired you in your business?                                                                                                                            I have met most of my clients in the south bay.  My children are in the schools and extra curricular programs here and it’s been a blessing to be in such a great family community, with such great people who can appreciate good design.
  5. What is your ideal client?                                                                                                             I love working with entrepreneurs who are making the move to expand and have a set vision of what they would like their space to be.  Equally, those homeowners who have a new idea for use of space in their existing home and get creative with space with me are fun to work with.
  6. What is your favorite part of doing your job?                                                                           Meeting with clients, sketching out their ideas while assisting in some fundamental design approaches is my favorite part.  I bring along my roll of trace paper to every meeting because you have to document those brainstorming sessions.
  7. What is your favorite project you worked on and why?                                                           The most exciting project I’ve done has been in collaboration with Levin & Associates, the Dodger Stadium Improvements since 2012.  The timeline was so tight but the team made 7 buildings happen, design through construction in 6 months.  It was invigorating standing in front of them on Opening Day.
  8. What in your opinion makes Golden Hills/Redondo Beach a great place to live?         The quality of families, the access to activities for all the family to enjoy, the walkability to the beach are great reasons to be in the Golden Hills.
Casa Desk from Sitting Side
Custom Desk Design

Can’t get enough of Allison? (Us either!) Check out AGA Design online at


Follow AGA Design on Facebook and Instagram: @agadesignla

**Allison & AGA Design are happy to offer a free design consultation for all residents of Golden Hills / Redondo Beach**

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