This month we took a joy ride on a custom electric Cadillac themed E3 Vehicle with Amy
Errett, Founder and Owner of E3 Vehicles – a custom Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (golf cart) retailer based in the South Bay. Amy is a passionate about living the ultimate South Bay Lifestyle, one consisting of jaunting around town enjoying the sunshine while going green and saving money. E3 Vehicles helps people realize this dream lifestyle offering the South Bay custom made to order electric vehicles substantially under competitors prices.


Below is our interview with Amy:

What inspired you to start this business? 

Years ago, as a stay-at-home mom, I was at a crossroads. Gas prices were high, car payments were excessive and the trips I was taking weren’t worth having to pile into the family SUV. It wasn’t long before I began looking into buying a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, a souped-up golf cart, to handle the day-to-day jaunts. I found myself doing a lot of short jaunts to drop at school, activities, sports practices, trips to the grocery store, and weekends going to the beach.  It took a while before I finally found my match: A six-seat T-Sport Cart, with room enough for my husband and three kids. Rather accidentally, my family switched over to one gas vehicle and one electric cart since the last year.  The catalyst was, in order to buy my ride, I had to head to Orange County.  This seemed rather curious and begged for me to dive deeper as to WHY there was no retail outlet or dealership HERE to buy my NEV?  After a bit of research this proved to be not only an amazing solution to the “short trip” or “jaunt” transportation mode but also the market for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, is widely underserved in the Beach Cities.  Now, I am the very proud owner of E3 Vehicles at 350 N. PCH # C/500 Carnelian Ave., Suite 102, preaching the gospel of neighborhood electric vehicles to the people of the South Bay.

Give us a brief run-down of the services/experience you have created?

When you first step into E3 Vehicles showroom, I wanted to create the feeling as you have stepped into a place of the future, inspiring a sense of curiosity and thought provoking about how we get around town.   It’s a cross between a fancy garage/showroom, living room, and, oh by the way, look? What are these? Golf Carts? How fast do they go? What’s the charge? How far do they go? These are all questions I can certainly answer but truly I want my customers to feel like they just came home from an errand or from a bite to eat at “Eat at Joes” or fresh brewed pour over from Fika Coffee Company and truly understand the value of what E3 Vehicles is offering.  We are offering a low cost solution, where it is too far to walk but too close to drive. Since we are in the ideal location, our lifestyle in the “bubble” is perfectly suited to have an NEV in every driveway.  We offer good, better, and best products while at the same time offer a wide variety of makes and models of NEV’s to suit every budget and lifestyle.     

We also offer concierge type DMV services to handle the entire process similarly to purchasing a new car, financing, and coming soon will be E3 Vehicles Leasing and Rentals.

For those residents of the South Bay that already own NEVs (GEM Cars, EZGO or Club Car brands), we offer a complete line of repair and maintenance services.  

What is your favorite thing about riding around town in an E3Vehicle?

It is hard to describe until you drive one yourself, but there is an overwhelming feeling of energy and vitality associated with driving one of our vehicles.  We live in such an active community, with the sun shining most of the year making it the ideal weather, and driving an E3V makes you feel like you are actually outside enjoying the fresh ocean breeze.  My 8-year-old daughter describes it the best, “I love having the fresh breeze blow through my hair.”

In addition, I get a lot of gratification by driving a non-CO2 emitting vehicle. I feel like I am making an environmentally responsible choice when I drive a zero-emission vehicle around town to accomplish so many of my daily tasks and errands. Most gratifying and what I a love the most is knowing with every new NEV that hits the streets, it is one less gas vehicle on the road.  

Lastly, they are FUN!

How has living in the South Bay helped aid the growth of your business or inspired you in your business?

Having lived in the South Bay for over 20+ years, the growth and development has been astounding.  Although. I never dreamed of being so imbedded in the fibers of this community, it has been the most welcoming and inspiring experience to date.  I have made great strides with getting involved, connecting with community leaders, networking and always looking to find a way to get the word out.  Yet the most profound discovery came shortly after I decided to really “do this” business, I literally stumbled upon a180 page study from the South Bay Council of Governments. Incredibly they found as much to be true in their assessment of NEVs, published in June 2013. Over a period of 30 months, SBCOG researchers found that most trips taken by the study’s 51 participants from around the Beach Cities ran between one and three miles. That distance, the study says, is “too long to walk and too short for transit but ideally suited for NEVs.”  The participants concluded that YES this is a viable option over the gas vehicle but the barriers to entry where: a) price point too high. B.) No retail out to buy them.

CHECK and CHECK. I concluded that if I found the perfect space, created the right environment while giving the community the choice of good, better, and best price points that this would be a winner of a business concept. We all live in CA for one reason or another but when you are driving in an NEV, “ it feels like I am on vacation” said a woman while on a test drive. YES! That is why we live HERE! We are a community spoiled by gorgeous weather, beautiful beaches, great restaurants, and plush parks. South Bay-er’s are forward thinking and take ownership in the keeping this community a healthy and sustainable place to live for years to come.  Projects like Blue Zone and the Green Challenge are great examples of this initiative.  I truly believe the mission of E3 Vehicles is a complement toward making the South Bay a great place to live.  

Describe to us what a perfect weekend with and E3Vehicle looks like for a customer?

Let’s face it! We get home on a Friday night after a long week at work and park it.  You have found the perfect spot and not moving your car if your life depended on it for fear of losing it…Until, you start all over again Monday am.  Thankfully you have your little NEV parked in a compact little spot in your driveway all charged up! Saturday morning rolls around and it’s an epic sunny day, perfect for taking the family to the beach, or to go grab a coffee, pastry and cruise just go cruising to visit friends.   But, wait? How do we get there?  Thankfully, we have our E3 Vehicle all charged up and ready to start piling on the beach gear.  You can picture it, right?  The bags of beach toys, towels, beach chairs, cooler, and a cart to carry it ALL.  All in! Start with a quick stop to the local coffee shop to pick up breakfast, hop back in, drive to grab some cold beverage to bring to the beach. Load the kids with flip flops adorned, and head down for a relaxing afternoon at the beach (somewhere in Hermosa beach for now, since they offer free parking to 100% electric vehicles).  Get home, hose down the little people, Plug in and recharge. Ready to do it all over again on Sunday!  The best part? I didn’t pay for parking, gas or lose my parking spot!!!!!

What is your favorite part of owning this business here in the South Bay?

I am amazed and pleasantly surprised by the support I have experienced from all areas of the community, both businesses and city governments.  The local business people, in particular, are very supportive of E3V’s concept and mission.  They have all offered recommendations to help me spread the word and come up with creative ideas to collaborate in the future. I have a lot more work to do when it comes to connecting with more people and businesses, but it has been such an encouraging process, so far.

The location of our showroom is also the perfect find.  From the Saturday/Sunday morning breakfast rush at Eat at Joes and the overflow of coffee lovers from Fika, the foot traffic is amazing!  With the icon Eat at Joes directly across the street and landing in the “The black building” our showroom location just screams South Bay! I love it!

When you conceptualize this business what were you looking to bring to the community/ what inspired you to start this?

My personal story is what inspired me to launch E3 Vehicles.  I was looking for a functional and environmentally friendly way to move my family around town.  I am proud to say that for the last 16 months, we have eliminated a gas-powered vehicle for our family of 5, and replaced it with an electric powered

NEV.  I’m inspired to offer the same transportation options to residents of the South Bay.  The purpose of opening an NEV showroom here in the beach cities is two-fold, I want to help educate the local community about NEVs and, at the same time, facilitate ownership of NEVs to our residents.

What in your opinion makes Golden Hills/Redondo Beach a great place to live?

Where do you start?  People arrive in the South Bay for many different reasons.  This community has been home for me for over 20 years.  The reason that I have chosen to stay is because Redondo Beach has provided my family with great schools for my kids and a wonderful network of supportive friends for me and my husband. We have gone so far as to name our street and call it our village.  We spend holidays together, annual block parties and feel as though we always have a neighbor to call when in need.  We are like family and truly there is nothing more special when family lives across the country to be surrounded by a second family that lives next door.

Now, as a local business owner, I am compelled to become even more vested in our community and plan on being a mainstay and have an NEV in every driveway!   


Get in touch with E3 Vehicles:

Mention “Weber Accetta Group” and receive a $500 cash discount on any E3 Vehicle NEV purchase!

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