Congratulations to Tim!

By: Michelle Accetta and Lauren Weber


Congratulations to Tim on the purchase of his new home!! Tim’s story started off like many of today’s buyers with an air of frustration and cynicism. After submitting multiple offers and getting beat out by other buyers, Tim put home buying on hold and found a place to rent which is where our paths crossed! Fast forward to a couple years later, we re-introduced the idea of being a home owner to Tim which he expressed was still a goal of his. At our buyers consultation we sat down and listened to his past experience and assured him that it didn’t have to be that way again. We educated him on how we approach the home buying process and he left our meeting in high spirits.

Showing houses to him and even a call with him to confirm an appointment was always a pleasure. Tim has to be one of the most positive people we know. He is always upbeat, has a smile on his face, and makes the best of any situation! By fate, and some hard work, the stars aligned and we identified the perfect home for Tim. Big yard to throw around some football, redone so he can immediately move in, and in a nice quite neighborhood with a friendly commute to work! With some negotiations we got our offer accepted and secured a reduced sales price during our contingency period. In Tim’s words “We under promised and over delivered”.

What there is to take away from Tim’s story is his attitude and trust. Every home we have sold we are confident that each of our clients has ended up exactly where they’re supposed to be. Though Tim was skeptical, he trusted us and was so positive and fun! It really goes to show that no matter what you are doing, how good or how bad, it always comes down to your attitude! Working with Tim was a fantastic reminder of that. So get out there, take the bull by the horns, put a smile on your face and be like Tim!!


Congratulations to Sammi and Alex!

By: Lauren Weber


We had the honor of helping Sammi and Alex sell their home last year and since then they had been patiently searching for their replacement home. Upon exploring different areas of Torrance and touring a number of great candidates, they found a beautiful place that perfectly fits their family. Their home search was thorough and we evaluated different avenues such as major fixers, investment opportunities, new construction, but they ultimately ended up with a newer built, move in ready home.

Going into the process we knew Sammi and Alex were smart, business-minded people with strong core family values. However, we soon realized that helping them sell their home was only giving us a glimpse into those admirable traits. It was through this second phase of their real estate journey that we gained a deeper understanding of how strategic they are when it comes to planning, as well as looking at all the numbers from an investment perspective. They had a clear understanding of the importance of calculating their home value with the potential upgrades they had planned, while keeping in mind their future plans for resale. They took everything into consideration – even including the opinions of their personal Feng Shui master!

Working together and helping them look at the different angles of real estate purchasing was a lot of fun. It is obvious that their business skills are due to their successes in running their own family business. We are left inspired by their hard work and dedication to not only their work, but also to their family. Their home search was never about just the two of them; they always took great consideration into their children’s future, as well as the rest of their extended family of siblings and parents. Hosting family parties is a high priority and they had a clear vision for the importance of being able to provide a home for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you Sammi and Alex for the opportunity to work together again and for showing us how hard work can transcend into a bigger contribution to the ones you love.

Congratulations to KC!

By: Lauren Weber and Michelle Accetta


What a pleasure and honor to have met KC and to have represented her in selling her home. From the moment we met KC we could tell she was a successful business woman. Working with her we witnessed first hand how she became this way. She always had a positive attitude, and business minded mentality. It was easy to see how this mindset brought her such success.

Upon closing, we took KC out to dinner to spend some time celebrating the closing escrow. Little did we know WE were the ones actually in for a treat. KC openly shared about her travels and her appreciation for immersing herself in different cultures with us. We got to learn the story of how she acquired her success and her advise for us as younger entrepreneurs. We left inspired!

What moved us most about KC is the freedom she has to create her life. She worked hard straight out of college to grow her business and wealth. She shared with us how owning income property has played a large role in her success and the story of how she starting acquiring property. Her persistence and grit paid off, and she now spends periods of time each year traveling the world and enjoying different cultures (something both of us are passionate about doing). KC is a real example of what hard work and making smart moves can get you and truly is an inspiration to us. We take her words of worldly wisdom wholeheartedly. 

Working with KC she also reminded us of the importance of appreciation. Throughout the process, she always showed her gratitude and thanked us for our hard work. This made us grateful to her and to have the opportunity to work with her as our client, to go above and beyond and make sure she was taken care of. The small words “thank you” can go a far way and we will always take that with us with every person we encounter. She shared that is was her travels that made her so appreciative for everything that we have here in America, day in and day out. We are so grateful and thankful to have met KC and are forever thankful for her kindness and wisdom.

Congratulations to the Griggs!

By: Michelle Accetta and Lauren Weber

2016 Huntington Picture_Grigg-1

We were so fortunate to have met the Grigg Family through our friend Heather Valentine,  aka @onefitmother, and had a hunch that if they were friends of hers they were going to be nothing short of amazing. Our instincts were right!  From the moment we met them they exuded the same positive energy that Heather has and we were instantly impressed with their parenting skills. With four little ones under their belt, they sure made parenting look easy!

One of the reasons we love what we do… we get to meet inspiring people like the Griggs. The Griggs family atmosphere was what really inspired us. Their family operates from a place of love. Amy and Nathan are such amazing parents, their children are inquisitive, bright and extremely well behaved (we think they should write a book – they really are that great). From our experiece with them, we saw that as parents the Grigg’s are always acting for what is best for their family and always looking to expand the minds of their children. A great example of this is at the close of escrow, Nathan held their one year old , Gwen, who wanted to touch the chandelier in the kitchen. From our experience, most parents would ignore the request or even scold the child for making it. Instead, Nathan let her touch the chandelier and explore what happened when she touched it. We can see from this short glimpse into their world that learning and growing is really supported in their home. We imagine each and every one of them to do big things in this world because of their supportive family atmosphere and the encouragement of curiosity and wonder!

It was a family affair every time we showed the Griggs a house and no one was left out. They packed up the kids, headed out, and always showed up with a cheerful attitude. Because the Griggs knew exactly where they wanted to live, what qualities they needed in their home, and what their nonnegotiables were, it made identifying a home for them very easy. They would apologized for being “picky” when they would immediately say “no” to a potential home, but knowing what they wanted made the search process quick. We assured them that being “picky” was a good thing, because it meant they knew what they wanted. Finding a home really is mostly a process of elimination and identifying your “must haves” and “nonnegotiables”.

Here are three tips to help identify your home quickly and efficiently:
1. Location, Location, Location!
If you are unsure of where you’d like to live, start driving around the different neighborhoods you are open to and eliminating the areas and streets you can not see yourself living in. This way when a home comes on the market you don’t waste your time  driving to the property, arriving to an area you know you would never live in and then contemplate a kitchen remodel when the whole thing is wrong from the start. Believe us  you will save your self precious time and energy this way. Visit the different neighborhoods at different hours of the day. If you can narrow down your ideal neighborhood first, you are in good shape!

2. Must Haves and Nonnegotiables
Make a list of your top three “must haves” or “nonnegotiables”. If there is more than one decision maker in the buying process be sure to have an open discussion about what these items are. You may be surprised at what is important to everyone involved, make no assumptions!  ie: can not be on a busy streets, close to the freeway, must have a large yard, must have a walk-in closet, can not have a death on the property in recent years, etc.

3. Are you willing to do work to the house?
Knowing whether or not you are willing to do work to the house is important in the beginning stages of your process. If you are open to doing work, set aside a budget so you know once  you view the home if the amount of work needed to make it what you want is worth the time and money.

Thank you again to the Griggs for allowing us the privilege of representing you in your home buying journey. It was great getting to know your loving family.



Congratulations to the Kaskanians!

By Michelle Accetta

We are so excited to congratulate the Kaskanian family on the purchase of their new Palm Springs home! For those of you who know me, (It’s Michelle… hi!), you know that I have grown up to become an “honorary” member of the Kaskanian family. I guess that’s what happens when you have been best fiends with someone (Kristen Kaskanyan) for over 15 years. Not to mention her family is full of the most generous and loving people I know, they have welcomed me as one of their own. Her “Ammo” (Uncle in Armenian) is my “Ammo” and her “Nene” (Grandma in Armenian) is my Nene. So when Kristen called and said Ammo, and her cousin Joseph wanted to buy a house we were excited to make things happen!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.43.53 AM.png
Meher, Ammo, Seta, Joseph


“Growing up Kaskanian” there is one common theme and that is family. Family to them extends beyond blood to friends, employees, customers and so on a so forth (if you have ever been to Sam’s Auto Land you know what I am talking about… they run it). I was excited to work with them on a professional level. What I noticed was the family putting their values into action in yet another arena of life! Not a surprise at all to me, that who I know them to be. 

The Kaskanians’ have this special way of making everyone feel like family. I’m not sure if it’s directly linked to them always wanting to feed you, or just this innate ability instilled in them for years and years. I think it’s a little bit of both! This family has always been an example to me of how to treat people right (like family) and to be generous towards others. Saw that in a business capacity the Kaskanian’s hold true to how I know them, as people who treat everyone as family!

At the end of the transaction it really was a family affair! All of the parties involved really pulled together to get the deal done. In the end everyone wanted a piece of the family action… the listing agent asked us to dinner, the escrow officer invited Ammo to a Greek festival and tentative plans are on the books between us our lender!

Working with the Kaskanians in a professional capacity was a reminder of how much more fun our job is when everyone is “family”. The transaction was full of love, fun and contribution. We are excited to continue this into our transactions to come. Thanks Kaskanians!


Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.46.54 AM
Joseph, Michelle and Kristen

Congratulations To The “Soon To Be” Trost Family!


Congratulations to Junette and Jerome who purchased their first home together all while working full time jobs, attending school, and planning a wedding! Talk about power couple go-getters! It was an honor and a blast working with such close friends, as Junette and Michelle have known each other since the 2nd grade!  Michelle would come back from their home tours excited to share about how much fun she was having working with her best friends. (Now, that’s when you know that you love what you do!)

Michelle taught Junette and Jerome our method on how to search for homes the right way verses the wrong way. It was impressive to watch them apply these skills and determinedly find their home in just a little over a month! They took the time to drive the different neighborhoods they were considering to narrow down their options and powerfully choose the home that was right for them. Their determination and dedication was what enabled them to find their home in a short period of time.

It wasn’t until we had our home inspection that I had the privilege of working face to face with Junette and Jerome. I could see right away why Michelle was having so much fun with these two. Their dynamic relationship with each other and fun loving spirits makes for a good time with anyone involved. My favorite is Jerome’s jokes and Junettes reactions 🙂 I could also see why they were able to find their house quickly. When it came down to business, their teamwork really shined through in their decision making and support for one another. Go team Trost!

We are so happy for the “soon to be” Trost’s and for what is in store for them this year. What an amazing way to start their life journey together and we know that many more good things are coming their way! Cheers to a year filled with amazing memories and festivities! We love you two love birds!



Congratulations to the Cohens!!!


I could not have been more thrilled to give the Cohens keys to their new home this past weekend. It had been quite the journey but through it all I had the privilege of getting to know Sandy and Jay on a more intimate level and learned so much from them.

I first met Sandy when we both lived in San Diego back in 2004. Thanks to facebook we were able to keep in touch over the years and fast forward to 11 years later Sandy is now married to her awesome husband, Jay, and they are living nearby in Pasadena.  I was thrilled when Sandy reached out to me with their new goal of purchasing their first home together. What made reconnecting and catching up even more exciting was the news of expecting their first baby in December!  What an honor and joy to be part of their journey and new chapter in life.

When we first started our search I told the Cohens what they think they want and what they end up with may not be in complete alignment, but the one thing they can trust is their internal guide and the feeling of “meant to be”.  After exploring different neighborhoods, home styles, sizes, shapes, and colors, it was very clear when we walked through the doors of their home that it was the one!

Upon entering escrow, the Cohens worked diligently and quickly with their lender and in scheduling their home inspections. Negotiations with the seller, correcting city rules/regulations, and navigating through the new loan process were just a few obstacles that we overcame to close on Christmas Eve 2 days after Dexter was born! It was so amazing to watch Jay and Sandy communicate, make quick decisions, and plan all during their pregnancy and arrival of their new bundle of joy. There were times when the pressure was high but they kept their cool and had a great attitude through it all. Giving keys to the Cohens may be my all time favorite closing and celebration. I got to meet Dexter, who stole me heart, and I asked Jay and Sandy if facing all the challenges was worth it, which they happily said “Yes” with big smiles on their faces.

I could not have asked for a better Christmas present! It’s moments like this that remind me why I LOVE what I do. With every home that I sell, I learn an even bigger life lesson. From working with Jay and Sandy I will take away what I saw in their relationship. They complement each other so well and work together as a great team. I love the love that they share with each other and can only hope that one day I will be as lucky as they are to have found each other 🙂

Congratulations to Jay and Sandy on your new home, chapter in life, and handsome baby, all of which are very well deserved!


Two closings in one week!


Congratulations to my brother, Mark, for his first home sale! His condo/townhouse sold for asking price of $589,000 and closed in less than 30 days. From this transaction I learned the power of communication BEFORE entering into escrow. The biggest challenge we came across was making sure everyone was aware of the Mello Roos and HOA dues. Irvine and Tustin are known for these additional fees in the newer developments and even though it was disclosed in the listing details, I was surprised at how many agents overlooked it. So my tip to my sellers and listing agents is disclose, disclose, disclose! Pre-screen your agents and prep the clients before they submit their offers. Have open communication and make sure that everyone is aware of any additional fees/taxes/supplements, because you can never assume that they already do know.
After a total of three offers, the house went to a great and well deserving buyer. It was nice to work with his awesome agent and kick ass lender. Their clear and open communication was the key to our smooth transaction and am so appreciative of their professionalism. Congratulations again to Mark, Linda, and my dad for all their hard work!


Congratulations to Sammi and Alex who sold their home in Gardena. Wow was this a hot commodity! After listing the house I received at least 10 phone calls and over a dozen showings in the first two days on the market. By the third day we had our first open house and had over 30 different parties come to visit! We received multiple offers and sold the house for over asking at $450,000 and it was appraised at value! I have learned a lot from working with my clients, more than they probably know. I feel truly honored to have met such hard working, kind-hearted, positive, and smart people. By observing they way they carried themselves in this transaction I was constantly reminded of the importance of having a good attitude towards all things in life (including business). Their positive mindset is what made this transaction such a pleasure to be a part of and an honor to be their agent!

Congratulations to the Webers!!!

     A very special and happy congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law, Mark and Linda!!!

Like most of my clients, I truly feel that Mark and Linda got matched with this house by fate. Their story of purchasing a new home is different than most but in general it all just felt right and that’s usually the best sign. The stars, moon, and sun all aligned on Super Bowl Sunday when I went to meet up with Mark and Linda at Linda’s twin sisters house in Irvine. The plan was to meet at Mindy and Daniel’s house and then head over to Newport to celebrate Super Bowl together. As a Realtor I always notice open house signs, so when I spotted one pointing in the direction of the community I was entering I made a mental note of it.  Little did I know, the signs continued to follow my route and ended up being only four houses across the street from Mindy and Daniel! When I got there it was 10 minutes until it opened so I decided to go say hi to everyone and then run back to take a peek. When mentioning it, Mindy got excited and told Mark and Linda they should buy it (half jokingly but mostly serious). The six of us walked over together and toured the home. It was clean, bright, and had more space than their current home (perfect for building a family *wink wink). The price was within reach and they were due to refinance their place within the next year. So the thought of buying this home started to make some sense. We went to Newport, had a really fun party, and shared the news with the rest of Linda’s family who also encouraged them to look into buying it. A few day’s later everything worked out financially and we got their offer accepted in a multiple offer situation.

The biggest thing that I learned from this process was the power and importance of family. Everything was only possible with the help of brothers, sisters, moms and dads, and cousins. I saw the strong family values that my in-laws uphold by doing everything they could to help get the twins to live on the same block. The main goal of this whole transaction was to keep the family close together so that their kids can grow up together. Now they will we able to raise their kids together, carpool, and have numerous cousin sleepovers 🙂

Also, I’ve always admired my brother but through this process I gained an even deeper appreciation and admiration for all of his hard work he does to provide for and give his wife the life she wants and deserves. I can only hope to find a husband just as loving and devoted as him one of these days. 

Thank you Mark and Linda for entrusting me with this important process. I look forward to many family gatherings together in your new beautiful home!

Congratulations Ayres Family!


Handing over keys to new home owners never gets old. I am so happy to share that my good friend Rod closed escrow on his sunset view condo in Redondo Beach and I have to admit I’m a bit jealous of the killer view. Rod’s road to becoming a home owner came with lots of paper work, communicating and translating between his Brazilian parents, and patience. Because Rod purchased his home during the holidays it was a longer process than expected but everyone worked together to close as quickly as possible. We were in escrow through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years which took away almost two weeks including half days and weekends, not to mention the already busy schedules of family gatherings and holiday parties. A tip to anyone that is buying or selling during the holidays is to keep the dates in mind and anticipate working through some possible delays due to offices having different holiday policies.  I have to give Rod and his family props for pushing through this busy time of the year and keeping their eye on the prize. Did I mention that his parents were in Brazil for majority of this transaction??? It wasn’t easy being on a 6 hour time difference and having some required documents not even exist in their government but I am very proud of the Ayres family for going the extra mile and sticking it out till the end. It was a pleasure getting to know Rod’s parents and being able to help out such a dear friend of mine. 2014 was a great year for Rod and I’m so happy that he gets to start this new year off in his very own new home! Congratulations again, you did it!