Congratulations to the Rubergs!

Congratulations to the Ruberg Family – this fun-loving family of four (daughters not pictured) recently closed on their first home!



We have such a great time getting to know the families that we work with! Each family dynamic is unique and we really appreciated how well the Rubergs work together as a team and their ability to take some stressful moments and be able to laugh at it with their fun sense of humor.

(We were also impressed with their two adorable daughters!)

The Rubergs started their journey a bit unsure of exactly what area they wanted to live in, but were dedicated to the process and soon zeroed in on their ideal neighborhood. They ended up with a bit of a compromise: they purchased a home that needs a little work, but is in their dream location. These first time home-buyers impressed us with their ability to look at the long-term picture and with their willingness to confront every concern head-on!

As issues arose with their home inspection, they met each stressful situation with an optimistic attitude. Rather than becoming exasperated with the challenges, the Ruhbergs communicated directly with the city permit department and are now well-versed in the requirements for the work they intend to do. They took all the necessary steps to make sure they knew exactly what they were buying, and what it would take to make it exactly how they want it!

Fun-loving clients that are also logical and dedicated are our most favorite kind. We are so thankful that we were along for the Rubergs’ home-buying journey and look forward to watching them create their family’s dream home!


(Not So) Extreme Fireplace Makeover

Nothing beats a warm, roaring fire on a snowy winter’s night!


But with winter weather in Redondo Beach hovering around a sunny 60 degrees, that cozy fire may not have the same appeal. For some SoCal families fires are a novelty saved for Christmas day and the fireplace goes unused the other 355 days of the year.

Luckily, there are many creative ways to transform that otherwise unused space and turn it into a focal point for your home. Here’s a look at some “fireplace makeover” ideas we are dying to test out.

1. Use your fireplace to freshen up the room! Artfully arranging flowers and other potted plants inside your fireplace can add color, dimensions and scents to your living space. A fireplace garden can satisfy your green thumb..without having to go outside. Succulents or ferns are hearty, low-maintenance options that will make your room come alive!We also love the idea of adding seasonal plants during the holidays, such as holly branches or poinsettias.



2. If you love the flickering effect of a fire, as well as that alluring wood scent, an arrangement of candles inside your fireplace can help you achieve a similar feel. Home goods stores offer a wide range of candle scents, from Campfire Smoke WoodWick Candles  to Tory Burch’s Cedarwood Candles. The beauty of this option is that you swap out scents and holders to keep the arrangement appealing and smelling heavenly! It also mimics the romantic fire vibe without generating the smoke, mess or hassle of tending a fire.


3. Create more storage by adding shelving into your fireplace. Beyond giving your another place to store books or trinkets, this option adds a focal point to the room. This is an easy way to add a mini library to your home or to display those family photos that never quite got hung up. To jazz things up, consider painting the backdrop of the fireplace a bright color or line it with patterned tiles!



4. Showcase an art piece or family heirloom. When properly cleaned, the inlay of a fireplace creates a perfect place to  display a singular item. This tactic works best with a sculpture, but could also be used to feature a framed piece of art. The simplicity of this setup will add a sophisticated, museum-like feel to an otherwise unused space!



5. If you are one of those “we use our fireplace once a year” families, then completely transforming your fireplace may not be the best ideas. (We don’t want to see those books caught on fire!) However, one easy way to transform your fireplace and achieve a rustic, homey ambiance is to stack it neatly with firewood. Use logs that are the same length but have varying diameters, and be sure to pack them tightly to fill the whole space. And hey, when that “one day a year” rolls around you will already have firewood on hand!


The beauty of owning your own home is that you can transform it into whatever you want it to be! You can take each space and make it into something functional that works for your family and individual style. With a little creativity (and the help of the internet), your  fireplace transformation could be the start of a complete home-make-over!


Living in a Landmark


The Redondo Beach City’s Preservation Program, encourages property owners of historically significant structures to voluntarily apply for local landmark status. Currently, 35 individual properties and 16 properties located in North and South Redondo have been designated as local historic landmarks!

Brandt House.jpg
The Brandt House – 426 N. Gertruda Ave.


The Shinn House – 324 N. Gertruda Ave.

Check out the full address list and photos of all the designated RB historic landmarks!

If you are interested in purchasing a historic home, be sure you know what you are getting yourself into. This article from highlights both the pros and cons of living in a landmark.

Redirecting Resolutions.. Towards Your Home!

Here we are – four days into 2017.


The novelty of a new year year, often comes accompanied by the dreaded question: What are your New Years Resolutions.  According to the top ten resolutions gathered by Time magazine, a majority of resolutions are centered on self-improvement. Topping the list was losing weight and quitting smoking.

This year, to mix things up, we put together a list of New Years Resolutions for your HOME. Setting home management goals early in the year will help you to develop better habits… and ultimately a cleaner, comfier residence! Whether you are preparing to sell or just want to better enjoy your home, try out a few of the “resolutions” listed below.


Streamline Your Stuff: Clearing out clutter is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to feel better about your home. Set a January date (the earlier, the better) to purge and/or organize all the new things you have accumulated over the year. Often times, we spend way more time shuffling unnecessary items out of our way, than we do actually relaxing in and enjoying our space.  Aim to only keep items that improve your mood and positively contribute to your daily life.

* Tip: You know those “necessary, but not so pretty” items that we all have? (remotes, chargers, etc) Store them in decorative, designated baskets to keep them accessible, but out of sight.


* Try: Removing every appliance off of your kitchen counter for one week. At the end of the week, only keep out the items that were used twice or more.

Lighten Your Work Load: A few simple tweaks to your home could save you a boatload of time (and money!) over the next year. If saving time and money isn’t enough, these suggestions are also great for the environment! (Triple-whammy!)

*Try:  Eliminating bathroom mold by running your bath fans during your bath or shower and for a half-hour after to flush out moisture. Also, after a bath or a shower, squeegee water off the shower walls. Doing this daily eliminates at least three-fourths of the moisture that supports mold and mildew growth (which means less time scrubbing off that accumulated nastiness!).

* Try: Replacing all of your incandescent lightbulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs. CFLs last up to 6 times as long and help to save up to 66% of energy usage.


*  Tip: Always turn off the lights when you leave a room.. and consider installing automatic timers in your forgetful teen’s room!

Clean Out the Cracks. No matter how committed you are to maintaining an orderly home, a few things will always slip through the cracks. On a designated monthly date, commit to addressing a few easily forgotten tasks,

* Try adding a cup of vinegar to your empty dishwasher and running it on full cycle. Your kitchen may smell like a pickle after, but this will rinse away hard-water lime buildup in your dishwasher to help it work flawlessly.

* Clean out dryer lint by 1) detaching the duct from behind the unit 2) then tie a rag securely to the end up a plumbing snake and pushing a plumbing snake through your dryer vent from outside. Pulling the cloth and snake through a several times will dramatically clean the vent vent will..savings energy and possibly preventing a fire!

* Check for termite by walking around home and examining the foundation (inside and out) with a flashlight. Look for sawdust and termite tunnels, as most of the damage done is invisible.  If you notice anytime call an exterminator immediately! Checking for termites regularly will ensure that they cannot do major damage over time.

Beyond these suggested actions, it is good idea to personalize the resolutions for your home. Just as every person in unique, each home and household has its own quirks and needs. Tweak your home’s resolutions and start off the new year feeling comfortable and happy in your space!

PS. You aren’t completely off the hook! We feel strongly about living a healthy, active life and encourage you to make personal changes to help achieve your potential!

Tis The Season – For Reflection & Growth

The holiday season is in full swing.. meaning office holiday parties are in full swing!

This year we got to enjoy festive celebrations at both Hunter Mason Realty & at Beach City Brokers – two events which were made extra special when we were named top-producing agents at our respective brokerages!

We are so humbled by these acknowledgements and know that we can only attribute our success to our clients who continue to trust us during one of the biggest decisions of their lives. We see these awards as assurance that we are walking down the correct career path and as a reminder to continue to work in a way that benefits our clients’ lives.

As Michelle so eloquently sums in up, “I end the year with a heart full of gratitude, for the amazing gifts I have received this year; the amazing clients I have connected with, the beautiful partnership and team Lauren and I have grown , and the continued support of my family, friends, and brokerage. I feel so lucky to do what I do everyday with people I love. I am excited for 2017 and have a feeling its going to be the best year yet!”

While we have certainly enjoyed the benefits of working with two brokerages, especially during the “Holiday Party Season ;),  the growth of our business over the past year has forced us to consider legally uniting forces and hanging our licenses under the same brokerage. We ultimately decided that after four years with Hunter Mason Realty, it was time for Lauren to make the switch over to Beach City Brokers. She leaves the HM family on great terms and wanted to share a few thoughts on her transition:

“After four cherished years at Hunter Mason Realty, it was not without much consideration and a heavy heart that I say goodbye. I can not express enough gratitude to my previous broker and mentors as they have helped me grow into the agent and person that I am today. I have always admired the work ethic, integrity, and family-oriented environment Hunter Mason Realty embodies. I will miss many things about this brokerage however, as one chapter closes another one begins and I am extremely excited to be a part of Beach City Brokers! It was only through my partnership with Michelle that I got to witness first hand the level of excellence this brokerage provides to it’s agents. I am honored and humbled to have developed the relationships that I have with not only my brokers, mentors, but also with our clients and team members here at the Weber Accetta Real Estate Group. To end the year with such a big change leaves me reflective on my entire Real Estate career and with a heart full of gratitude for everyone that has been a part of our journey. Cheers to the end of a great year and to the beginning of an exciting new year.” 


Here we are, cheesing hard, with BCB’s Broker Gary Elminoufi

Neither of us can stop reflecting on the blessings this year has brought us (as one tends to do over the holidays). Beyond expanding our clientele and upping our sales count, we have also had the reward of watching our Weber Accetta team grow! We are confident that uniting under Beach City Brokers will further streamline our logistics and allow us to direct more focus towards doing what we love – finding people we care about their dream home and guiding life’s meaningful transitions. While we look forward to the adventure of a new year, we are dedicated to relishing this holiday season!

Happy Holidays From the Weber Accetta Group!

Joe & Taryn: Home For The Holidays!!

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we are excited to announce that our clients Joe and Taryn will be home for the holidays! We were functioning on a strict time-line, but were able to help these newly-weds find a home they both loved in under a month!


These two were dream clients and are the perfect example that finding a home can be done fairly quickly if you follow our home-finding process. Immediately after meeting with us for a buyer’s consultation, they completed their “driving homework”and were able to identify exactly which neighborhoods they did and didn’t like. Simple steps such as this help us to eliminate homes from the get-go and ultimately save a lot of time when it comes to finding ideal homes for our buyers!


Joe and Taryn decided to make an offer on a new construction home, which is a different process from purchasing a standard resale home. Knowing this, they were extremely thorough in reviewing the 100-pg purchase contract (much more intricate that the standard RPA!) and we were happy to discuss all of their concerns! They brought a lot of great questions to the table, but in the end they felt comfortable with moving forward and knew the source of every fee and cost!

We are thrilled that we got the chance to assist Joe and Taryn in this huge life step! They made our jobs easy by not only following our advice, but also by communicating clearly and giving us regular feedback. They remained involved and attentive throughout the entire process – there is nothing Realtors like more than responsive clients!

Our recent transaction with Joe and Taryn reminded us of the difficulties that could arise with new construction and we are happy we could be there to help smooth out the kinks and negotiate on their behalf. This article by NOLO provides an extensive pro-con list when it comes to purchasing new construction, but here are few Weber Accetta Certified tips for purchasing new construction homes:

  1. Get an inspection! Although no one has formally resided in the home, new homes have problems too. We recommend hiring an inspector to make sure everything is safe and up to code – for peace of mind and to protect you from future headaches!
  2. Check future plans! This is especially important if the home you are purchasing is in an underdeveloped area. Be sure to check with the city to see what is planned for the surrounding area and/or neighborhoods.
  3. Hire your own agent! Often-times model homes will be staffed with an agent who has a relationship with the builder, so it is important to hire an uninvolved agent that has your best interest in mind.
  4. Get pre-approved! It is still essential to have your finances in order and to get pre-approved by a bank or mortgage lender. This helps prove your validity as a buyer during the negotiation process and helps ensure that escrow moves smoothly and closes on time!

If you are in search of a NEW home for the holidays, consider letting the Weber Accetta Group work alongside you and help expedite the process! Shoot us an email or give us a call anytime of day to help discuss your needs!








A Property Tax Guide for New Homeowners


Now that the distraction of a highly publicized presidential election is over, it is time to turn our focus on a topic that is (almost) equally as fun! Property Taxes.


First, it is helpful to understand the process and how your property tax and who determines it. Your home is assessed by a county property assessor, who then assigns your home a certain value. Then your local taxing authority sets the multiplier, or the rate at which your home will be taxed. So, for example, if your home is assessed at $800,000 and the tax rate is set at 1.25 percent, each year you would need to pay $10,000 to your local taxing authority.

Next, be sure to familiarize yourself with tax due dates – delinquent penalties are harsh and expensive. Mark the following dates on your calendar:

Installment             Due Date            Delinquency Date*            Penalty, if delinquent

1st                   November 1               December 10                 10% of amount due
2nd                   February 1                     April 10                     10 % of amount due + $10.00 Cost

At first glance (and for most situations) these dates and payment amounts are straight-forward – as a homeowner you will receive clear instruction for how much you and when it is due by. However, as taxes get a bit confusing when you purchase or sell a home and are want to ensure that you are not held responsible for paying taxes before (or after) you actually own the home!

Here is a helpful step-by-step guide from SF Gates on how to calculate the property taxes you will owe:

  1. Refer to the most recent tax bill or municipal and county tax records to determine the total property tax due for the fiscal year. California’s fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. Divide the total bill by 360, which is California’s customary measure of a year for the purposes of real estate transactions. This figure is the amount of property tax due for each day of the fiscal year. For example, a $12,600 tax bill divided by 360 days equals a daily tax amount of $35.00
  2. Count the number of full months from July 1 through and including the day before closing. Multiply that figure by 30, which is California’s customary measure of a month for the purposes of real estate transactions. For example, there are three full months if a closing is scheduled for October 15: July, August and September. Three months multiplied by 30 days equals 90 days.
  3. Count the number of days in the partial month in which closing is to occur, but don’t include the closing date. In the October 15 example, there are 14 days. Add this number to the number of days in the full months. Using this example, the total is 104.
  4. Multiply the total number of days by the daily tax amount. Using the same example, $35 per day for 104 days equals $3,640. This is the amount of prorated tax the seller owes at closing.
  5. Count the number of full months from closing day to June 30. Multiply the number of months by 30 days. For an Oct. 15 closing, there are 8 full months, or 240 days.
  6. Subtract from 30 the number of days the seller will own the home in the closing month. The answer is the number of days the buyer will own the home during closing month. Using the Oct. 15 example, the buyer will own the home for 16 days in October.
  7. Add the total number of days the buyer will own the home during the fiscal year. The sum for this example is 256 days. Multiply that figure by the daily tax amount to determine the buyer’s tax proration. In this example, the buyer owes $8,960.

California law states that if the same owner keeps the property, that the assessed value of a property cannot increase by more than 2 percent per year. However, when a home is sold or transferred, it becomes subject to be reassessed at current market value  and in most cases is assigned a new base tax value. As California real estate historically appreciates over time, the base value generally increases with each reappraisal which results in increased property taxes. (Some exceptions apply – See our post on Propositions 60 and 90)

New homeowners: be expected of receiving a supplemental tax bill approximetely 6 months after your purchase. A supplemental bill is based on the difference between your home’s old assessed value and the new assessed value (generally the purchase price). This amount will be prorated from the purchase date and calculated by the number of months left in the fiscal year. However, if the property is reassessed at a lower value than the previously assessed value, you should be on the lookout for a refund. Supplemental tax bills are your responsibility and will be mailed directly to you by the Treasurer and Tax Collector’s Office approximately 6 months after your purchase.

There is some good news in all of this! This chart by the LA Times ranks Redondo Beach as the 75th least expensive county taxation rate out of the 88 cities in Los Angeles. Note – the stated rate is the calculated median amount, so your home’s rate may be higher or lower. Further, the rate does not include taxation for direct assessments for services which is charged by cities and includes lighting, sewage and others.

For more specific information concerning your home, we recommend checking out the Los Angeles County Property Tax Portal –  where you can find:

  • Information for new home and business owners.
  • Property data and maps.
  • How to read your tax bill.
  • How much your taxes are, and how to get a copy of your current tax bill.  How to appeal your value.
  • Areas of responsibilities of the four property tax departments with direct links to each of their websites.
  • A public inquiry form and contact information.
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions about property taxes.


One quick reminder:

If you own and occupy your home as your principal place of residence, you are eligible for a Homeowners’ Exemption that reduces your property tax by about $70 annually. Be sure to file for this exemption and put that money towards something fun for your family!


– Cathy Strini

Pumpkin Patch Appreciation Party – The Experience.



At the Weber Accetta group, we are passionate not only about about guaranteeing success for our clients, but also about building a community that supports and encourages each other. Whether it be featuring Redondo Beach listings on our social media, highlighting monthly Neighborhood Spotlights or hosting a networking group, we continue to search for more ways to redefine real estate from a transaction to an interaction.  We are huge believers in the power of a strong community and feel incredibly lucky that our jobs allow us to facilitate the growth of new relationships and partnerships. 

One of our favorite ways to reflect our gratitude to our clients, friends and family is by hosting “Appreciation Parties”.  While these gatherings are primarily geared towards having a great time, they also create a platform where our South Bay neighbors get a chance to mingle and create new meaningful relationships! We have both worked with and networked with so many inspiring individuals and feel responsible for helping them all to intermingle and share their awesomeness!

Most recently, we hosted a “Pumpkin Patch Appreciation Party”- both to celebrate the fall season and to familiarize our clients and friends with our new office. We worked hard to provide a smorgasbord of tasty treats, seasonal drinks and festive decorations.. but the vibe was truly set by the participation and enthusiasm of everyone who attended!  

 We asked for some feedback from one attendee who commented,

“What a great vibe it truly was, so many people came through from all different walks of life and yet everyone interacted as if they were already friendly and acquainted with each other.

 From an outside perspective, you can tell that Lauren and Michelle really nurture the relationships with their clients to not only have great transactions, but to create friendships. The wonderful turnout showed that.” 

One of the most exciting aspects of the night was the introduction of our pumpkin carving competition! We gave each attendee a pumpkin of their own and encouraged them to tag us on our Facebook in order to compete. We are thrilled to announce the Nishihira family as the winners. We did have other amazing submissions – so thank you to everyone who participated!


In the end, a picture is worth a thousand

words so take a scroll.. (and try not to die of the cuteness!)









We look forward to many more opportunities to celebrate our clients, friends & family (and hold all their adorable children)! Thank you all!


Fall in the South Bay!

There is no end to the exciting events happening throughout the South Bay! We are fortunate to live in such an active, involved community & want to help promote local events happening throughout the remainder of the month. We have pooled a few of the upcoming festivities and happenings we are most excited for – but please reach out if we have missed your favorite 🙂



The Rising Tohoku Food Fair hosted by Mitsuwa Marketplace in Torrance presents 2 full days of food and cultural festivities to celebrate the charms of the Tohoku region in Northeast Japan, which can be enjoyed by children and adults. A variety of delicious food including seafood, wagyu beef, and sweets will bring you the authentic flavor of Tohoku, Japan. Check out fun workshops and dance presentations on Saturday and Sunday (11.5-11.6 from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm)!

Image result for Rising Tohoku Food Fair


TedxManhattan Beach 2016: What If? takes place at Mira Costa High School on Saturday, Nov 5th and is a day of delight, creativity, inspiration, education, and fun. Three sessions of engaging speakers plus unlimited exploration of our interactive exhibit hall with breaks for breakfast, snack, and lunch. Meet 14 people who will surprise, delight, educate and open our eyes to what is possible when we ask “What if”..

Screenshot 2016-11-03 11.05.29.png


Meet a real mermaid and pirate at the SEA Lab’s November Fishtivities Saturday, Nov 5!  Mermaid activities will run from 10:00am-11:30am and Pirate activities will run from 1:00pm – 3:30pm (each session costs $5 per person, you can just participate in one for $5 or both the mermaid and pirate activities for $10)





Alpine Village Oktoberfest is back! The longest running Oktoberfest in Los Angeles, this annual event offers traditional German fare, delicious German beers brewed by Warsteiner and  Bavarian fun is supplied by Oom Pah Pah party bands!  The Alpine Village Imports Market offers an array of German foods and products, as well as tasty sausages and a bakery.  Schedule runs as follows:

Fridays: 6:00 PM to midnight – 21+

Saturdays: 5:00 PM to midnight – 21+

Sundays:  1:00 PM to 6:00 PM – ALL AGES!!!


How is it already time for the Manhattan Beach Pier Lighting & Holiday Open House?! Downtown merchants will be open until 9:00 PM and are sure to offer some distinctive gifts and intriguing offers this holiday season. Our restaurants will be serving their original menus and some sampling is sure to get your palette started for an evening of wonderful food. The event is set to take place Wednesday, Nov. 16th from 6:00-9:00 pm.

Image result for manhattan beach pier lighting


This month we took a joy ride on a custom electric Cadillac themed E3 Vehicle with Amy
Errett, Founder and Owner of E3 Vehicles – a custom Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (golf cart) retailer based in the South Bay. Amy is a passionate about living the ultimate South Bay Lifestyle, one consisting of jaunting around town enjoying the sunshine while going green and saving money. E3 Vehicles helps people realize this dream lifestyle offering the South Bay custom made to order electric vehicles substantially under competitors prices.


Below is our interview with Amy:

What inspired you to start this business? 

Years ago, as a stay-at-home mom, I was at a crossroads. Gas prices were high, car payments were excessive and the trips I was taking weren’t worth having to pile into the family SUV. It wasn’t long before I began looking into buying a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, a souped-up golf cart, to handle the day-to-day jaunts. I found myself doing a lot of short jaunts to drop at school, activities, sports practices, trips to the grocery store, and weekends going to the beach.  It took a while before I finally found my match: A six-seat T-Sport Cart, with room enough for my husband and three kids. Rather accidentally, my family switched over to one gas vehicle and one electric cart since the last year.  The catalyst was, in order to buy my ride, I had to head to Orange County.  This seemed rather curious and begged for me to dive deeper as to WHY there was no retail outlet or dealership HERE to buy my NEV?  After a bit of research this proved to be not only an amazing solution to the “short trip” or “jaunt” transportation mode but also the market for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, is widely underserved in the Beach Cities.  Now, I am the very proud owner of E3 Vehicles at 350 N. PCH # C/500 Carnelian Ave., Suite 102, preaching the gospel of neighborhood electric vehicles to the people of the South Bay.

Give us a brief run-down of the services/experience you have created?

When you first step into E3 Vehicles showroom, I wanted to create the feeling as you have stepped into a place of the future, inspiring a sense of curiosity and thought provoking about how we get around town.   It’s a cross between a fancy garage/showroom, living room, and, oh by the way, look? What are these? Golf Carts? How fast do they go? What’s the charge? How far do they go? These are all questions I can certainly answer but truly I want my customers to feel like they just came home from an errand or from a bite to eat at “Eat at Joes” or fresh brewed pour over from Fika Coffee Company and truly understand the value of what E3 Vehicles is offering.  We are offering a low cost solution, where it is too far to walk but too close to drive. Since we are in the ideal location, our lifestyle in the “bubble” is perfectly suited to have an NEV in every driveway.  We offer good, better, and best products while at the same time offer a wide variety of makes and models of NEV’s to suit every budget and lifestyle.     

We also offer concierge type DMV services to handle the entire process similarly to purchasing a new car, financing, and coming soon will be E3 Vehicles Leasing and Rentals.

For those residents of the South Bay that already own NEVs (GEM Cars, EZGO or Club Car brands), we offer a complete line of repair and maintenance services.  

What is your favorite thing about riding around town in an E3Vehicle?

It is hard to describe until you drive one yourself, but there is an overwhelming feeling of energy and vitality associated with driving one of our vehicles.  We live in such an active community, with the sun shining most of the year making it the ideal weather, and driving an E3V makes you feel like you are actually outside enjoying the fresh ocean breeze.  My 8-year-old daughter describes it the best, “I love having the fresh breeze blow through my hair.”

In addition, I get a lot of gratification by driving a non-CO2 emitting vehicle. I feel like I am making an environmentally responsible choice when I drive a zero-emission vehicle around town to accomplish so many of my daily tasks and errands. Most gratifying and what I a love the most is knowing with every new NEV that hits the streets, it is one less gas vehicle on the road.  

Lastly, they are FUN!

How has living in the South Bay helped aid the growth of your business or inspired you in your business?

Having lived in the South Bay for over 20+ years, the growth and development has been astounding.  Although. I never dreamed of being so imbedded in the fibers of this community, it has been the most welcoming and inspiring experience to date.  I have made great strides with getting involved, connecting with community leaders, networking and always looking to find a way to get the word out.  Yet the most profound discovery came shortly after I decided to really “do this” business, I literally stumbled upon a180 page study from the South Bay Council of Governments. Incredibly they found as much to be true in their assessment of NEVs, published in June 2013. Over a period of 30 months, SBCOG researchers found that most trips taken by the study’s 51 participants from around the Beach Cities ran between one and three miles. That distance, the study says, is “too long to walk and too short for transit but ideally suited for NEVs.”  The participants concluded that YES this is a viable option over the gas vehicle but the barriers to entry where: a) price point too high. B.) No retail out to buy them.

CHECK and CHECK. I concluded that if I found the perfect space, created the right environment while giving the community the choice of good, better, and best price points that this would be a winner of a business concept. We all live in CA for one reason or another but when you are driving in an NEV, “ it feels like I am on vacation” said a woman while on a test drive. YES! That is why we live HERE! We are a community spoiled by gorgeous weather, beautiful beaches, great restaurants, and plush parks. South Bay-er’s are forward thinking and take ownership in the keeping this community a healthy and sustainable place to live for years to come.  Projects like Blue Zone and the Green Challenge are great examples of this initiative.  I truly believe the mission of E3 Vehicles is a complement toward making the South Bay a great place to live.  

Describe to us what a perfect weekend with and E3Vehicle looks like for a customer?

Let’s face it! We get home on a Friday night after a long week at work and park it.  You have found the perfect spot and not moving your car if your life depended on it for fear of losing it…Until, you start all over again Monday am.  Thankfully you have your little NEV parked in a compact little spot in your driveway all charged up! Saturday morning rolls around and it’s an epic sunny day, perfect for taking the family to the beach, or to go grab a coffee, pastry and cruise just go cruising to visit friends.   But, wait? How do we get there?  Thankfully, we have our E3 Vehicle all charged up and ready to start piling on the beach gear.  You can picture it, right?  The bags of beach toys, towels, beach chairs, cooler, and a cart to carry it ALL.  All in! Start with a quick stop to the local coffee shop to pick up breakfast, hop back in, drive to grab some cold beverage to bring to the beach. Load the kids with flip flops adorned, and head down for a relaxing afternoon at the beach (somewhere in Hermosa beach for now, since they offer free parking to 100% electric vehicles).  Get home, hose down the little people, Plug in and recharge. Ready to do it all over again on Sunday!  The best part? I didn’t pay for parking, gas or lose my parking spot!!!!!

What is your favorite part of owning this business here in the South Bay?

I am amazed and pleasantly surprised by the support I have experienced from all areas of the community, both businesses and city governments.  The local business people, in particular, are very supportive of E3V’s concept and mission.  They have all offered recommendations to help me spread the word and come up with creative ideas to collaborate in the future. I have a lot more work to do when it comes to connecting with more people and businesses, but it has been such an encouraging process, so far.

The location of our showroom is also the perfect find.  From the Saturday/Sunday morning breakfast rush at Eat at Joes and the overflow of coffee lovers from Fika, the foot traffic is amazing!  With the icon Eat at Joes directly across the street and landing in the “The black building” our showroom location just screams South Bay! I love it!

When you conceptualize this business what were you looking to bring to the community/ what inspired you to start this?

My personal story is what inspired me to launch E3 Vehicles.  I was looking for a functional and environmentally friendly way to move my family around town.  I am proud to say that for the last 16 months, we have eliminated a gas-powered vehicle for our family of 5, and replaced it with an electric powered

NEV.  I’m inspired to offer the same transportation options to residents of the South Bay.  The purpose of opening an NEV showroom here in the beach cities is two-fold, I want to help educate the local community about NEVs and, at the same time, facilitate ownership of NEVs to our residents.

What in your opinion makes Golden Hills/Redondo Beach a great place to live?

Where do you start?  People arrive in the South Bay for many different reasons.  This community has been home for me for over 20 years.  The reason that I have chosen to stay is because Redondo Beach has provided my family with great schools for my kids and a wonderful network of supportive friends for me and my husband. We have gone so far as to name our street and call it our village.  We spend holidays together, annual block parties and feel as though we always have a neighbor to call when in need.  We are like family and truly there is nothing more special when family lives across the country to be surrounded by a second family that lives next door.

Now, as a local business owner, I am compelled to become even more vested in our community and plan on being a mainstay and have an NEV in every driveway!   


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Mention “Weber Accetta Group” and receive a $500 cash discount on any E3 Vehicle NEV purchase!