Congratulations Jill and Hiro!


What a huge honor it is to help family with their Real Estate needs. When Jill, Lauren’s cousin, and Hiro, Jill’s fiance, first approached us to help with their home search we were a bit taken back knowing that Hiro is a practicing commercial agent. However, the world of commercial Real Estate in many ways is quite different from residential Real Estate. It was quite interesting to see the differences in the standard protocols, timelines, and negotiations. When it came to terminology and some of the contractual portions of the process Hiro, of course, was well versed which made for easy communication.   Jill, being a previous home owner was also no rookie to this process. She stayed hands on and insightful throughout the entire process, asking great questions and paying close attention to detail. Together they were the ideal client!

We are so grateful to have been a part of this journey with both Jill and Hiro. It was very impressive to see their work ethics, sometimes things you don’t get to see in family environments. We always knew they are hard working and very intelligent people, but this experience has magnified how talented they both are and we now have a better understanding of why they both excel in their careers. To no surprise, the biggest inspiration that we will take away from this experience is from witnessing how well they work together as a team. It is so heartwarming to see how much joy they get from knowing the other is happy. They were always respecting the other’s opinion and checking in to make sure they were making decisions together that benefited the other’s happiness over themselves. What a selfless relationship and a true testament to their love for each other. With a wedding on the way, we know that this couple will go on to build an amazing life together in their new beautiful home.

To Jill and Hiro, thank you very much for this opportunity to represent you. Congratulations on a well deserved achievement and best wishes for many more success together. We love you!

Congratulations Jeremy and Val!

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It is always such an honor to congratulate our clients upon the purchase of their new home and an even bigger honor to get to know them through the whole process of working together. With each client we get the privilege of working with we also learn so much through the way they work to accomplish their Real Estate goals. Jeremy and Valerie were of course nothing short of impressive and inspiring.

From the moment we met them we could tell they were not only very smart but also good people and a loving family. At our next meeting we discussed what they were looking for, taught them our search methods, and set them off with some homework in hand. They went above and beyond with creating spreadsheets and really following through on our advise on how to begin their home buying journey. This allowed them to hone in on where they wanted to be in the South Bay, which was initially their biggest challenge, and made the next step that much easier.

It only took our first home tour to see first hand how well they worked together. Between caring for their two young kids, to taking videos to remember the different homes, it was really inspiring to see how they communicated, respected one another, and work so well together. We especially love how they talk to their children and interacted with them during all their home tours. Once we entered escrow it was even more evident how amazing of a team they are. Their family was always a number one priority, but they made the time to get business done and stay on top of everything as well as be fully involved and engaged in the process.

We are so grateful to have met Jeremy and Val and to have represented them in this important time. We don’t take lightly how lucky we are to meet such amazing people and we will carry on all the things that they have taught us in their work ethics and lifestyle. Thank you to Jeremy and Val for allowing us to get to know you and your family and trusting us to be your Real Estate agents!

Congratulations to Sammi and Alex!

By: Lauren Weber


We had the honor of helping Sammi and Alex sell their home last year and since then they had been patiently searching for their replacement home. Upon exploring different areas of Torrance and touring a number of great candidates, they found a beautiful place that perfectly fits their family. Their home search was thorough and we evaluated different avenues such as major fixers, investment opportunities, new construction, but they ultimately ended up with a newer built, move in ready home.

Going into the process we knew Sammi and Alex were smart, business-minded people with strong core family values. However, we soon realized that helping them sell their home was only giving us a glimpse into those admirable traits. It was through this second phase of their real estate journey that we gained a deeper understanding of how strategic they are when it comes to planning, as well as looking at all the numbers from an investment perspective. They had a clear understanding of the importance of calculating their home value with the potential upgrades they had planned, while keeping in mind their future plans for resale. They took everything into consideration – even including the opinions of their personal Feng Shui master!

Working together and helping them look at the different angles of real estate purchasing was a lot of fun. It is obvious that their business skills are due to their successes in running their own family business. We are left inspired by their hard work and dedication to not only their work, but also to their family. Their home search was never about just the two of them; they always took great consideration into their children’s future, as well as the rest of their extended family of siblings and parents. Hosting family parties is a high priority and they had a clear vision for the importance of being able to provide a home for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you Sammi and Alex for the opportunity to work together again and for showing us how hard work can transcend into a bigger contribution to the ones you love.