Women Who WOW Us

With today’s celebration of International Women’s Day and March’s designation as Women’s History Month,  we felt it was only fitting to highlight South Bay women whom we have found to be both influential and inspiring.

But first, a short background On International Women’s Day:  IWD has been celebrated for over a hundred years and has gained recognition in as an official holiday in a number of countries, including Uganda, Cuba, Russia and Vietnam. The United Nations began sponsoring International Women’s Day in 1975, designating a new theme each year. 2017’s appointed theme is “Be Bold For Change” or if you frequent social media, #BeBoldForChange

We are honored to highlight five local women who we have had the privilege of getting to know over the past year. Each of these women have created a way to pursue their unique passions and seek careers that give them personal fulfillment. Their stories inspire us and remind us that we are capable of shaping our own futures.

Aaaaand here they are:

Amy Errett, founder and owner of E3 Vehicles – a custom Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (golf cart) retailer based in the South Bay. Amy is a passionate about living the ultimate South Bay Lifestyle, one consisting of jaunting around town enjoying the sunshine while going green and saving money. Amy and E3 Vehicles help people realize their dream lifestyle by offering  custom made-to-order electric vehicles that are substantially under competitors prices.

In Amy’s words,

“I am amazed and pleasantly surprised by the support I have experienced from all areas of the community, both businesses and city governments.  The local business people, in particular, are very supportive of E3V’s concept and mission.  They have all offered recommendations to help me spread the word and come up with creative ideas to collaborate in the future. I have a lot more work to do when it comes to connecting with more people and businesses, but it has been such an encouraging process, so far.”


Allison Gander, owner and principal of AGA Design – an architectural consulting firm, recognized early on that with her drawing abilities and aptitude for geometry a career as an architect would be the perfect fit. With over 12 years of experience in the profession to-date, Allison prepared for her career not just with a Bachelor’s of Science in architecture, but also with a year at Ecole d’Architecutre de Paris-La Villette and a Master’s of Architecture from Georgia Tech. Lucky for us, Allison relocated from Georgia to Los Angeles where she promptly began working as a Project Architect consultant for Levin & Associates. (If you have ever been to the Dodger Stadium or the John Anson Ford Ampitheatre – you have likely marveled at some of her work!) Allison’s next step brought her to creating AGA Designs, is a full-service architecture firm which allows her to stay involved with each project from start to finish.

AG shot

In Allison’s words:

“I’ve always loved to draw and sketch.  Eventually I headed in the architecture direction because I could use those talents and couple them with my geometric brain and curiosity and find out how things should be put together. Meeting with clients, sketching out their ideas while assisting in some fundamental design approaches is my favorite part.  I bring along my roll of trace paper to every meeting because you have to document those brainstorming sessions.”

You may have noticed this Jen Carpenter around the South Bay .. as shes is usually accompanied by 6-8 dogs she is hard to miss! Recognizing the busy schedules of South Bay-ers (not to mention the time spent in traffic for those of us commuting!), Jen founded Jen’s Dog Walking, a service that not only gives her furry customers their needed walks, but the love and attention that they deserve. Fueled by affection from her own three 3 dogs, Jen Carpenter is passionate about providing other canines with regular walks in order to ensure their health and happiness.


In Jen’s words:

“I have been a dog walker for 12 years and it’s a very personal small business. I am pretty close with my clients, as I am taking care of their babies! I enjoy being a small local business because I’d like to maintain that personal family like feel with my clients.”


Growing up a harpist and a pianist, Anaïs de la Morandais eventually realized and decided to pursue her love for choral conducting. With a Master of Arts in choral conducting from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria and a Maîtrise of Musicology from the Université de Haute-Bretagne in Rennes, France, Anaïs has the education to match her passion. While she works primarily with children, Anaïs has taught men and women of all ages throughout her career. From leading workshops on physical body training in support of the voice, to teaching youth choirs the basics of rhythm, Anaïs has experience in all realms of the musical world. Since her arrival in California, Anaïs has founded Atelier Musical in an effort provide music education services to Santa Monica, Redondo Beach and all areas in between. She offers piano lessons and vocal technique lessons, as well as French language support for students.


In Anaïs’ words:

“Since I’ve created Atelier Musical, my goal is to be able to work in the area that I reside. I mostly bike to my clients and that is such a pleasure! I hope in the next months, I will be able to create a vocal group for the South Bay and maybe incorporate French and German into the music! Since I speak both languages fluently, this would be a great opportunity for singers to practice a language they learned at school.”

With a Communication Design degree from OTIS, as well as experience as both a marketing director and an art director, Cat Landry is the independent graphic designer and owner behind Cat Landry Design. Beyond her impressive resume, however, Cat has also honed a skill set that helps her to evaluate and determine not just the needs of her clients, but also their personal style.  What stood out to us about Cat was her dedication to truly getting to know her clients and creating work that embodies who they are. She is especially passionate about working with local business and supporting the “South Bay Bubble.” What could be better than working with a designer who really knows the community your business serves and the audience you’re trying to reach?


In Cat’s words:

“In 1999, I decided that the best way for me to continue to enjoy my work was to do it my way… with a smile. I put in my two-weeks notice and left the corporate world to start my own business. Cat Landry Design was “born” on my birthday in July 1999. Although freelance design has its ups and downs (financially and logistically), I’ve never regretted the choice to enjoy my work every single day.”

As always, it is quite humbling when we look back at the incredible women that we have had the opportunity to mingle with. We applaud Cat, Amy, Anaïs, Allison & Jen for following their calling, while also using their abilities to contribute to their community.

While these women give us plenty of reason to celebrate today and look forward to the future, this Forbes article provides 7 (More) Reasons To Be Optimistic This International Women’s Day!

Living in a Landmark


The Redondo Beach City’s Preservation Program, encourages property owners of historically significant structures to voluntarily apply for local landmark status. Currently, 35 individual properties and 16 properties located in North and South Redondo have been designated as local historic landmarks!

Brandt House.jpg
The Brandt House – 426 N. Gertruda Ave.


The Shinn House – 324 N. Gertruda Ave.

Check out the full address list and photos of all the designated RB historic landmarks!

If you are interested in purchasing a historic home, be sure you know what you are getting yourself into. This article from Realtor.com highlights both the pros and cons of living in a landmark.

Thank You Cathy!


Late December 2015 we got what we thought was quite possibly the best thing ever… an unsolicited email from someone named Cathy who wanted to be our intern!! (What?!?!) We probably read it over 18 times as we were so excited. It was hard not to notice the professionalism, enthusiasm, and gusto exuded from this person we had never met in one short email. We just had to meet her, and that we did! Cathy was just as imagined, but with a bigger than imaginable simile and zest for life.

Over the past 5 months Cathy has been exposed to all aspects of the Real Estate industry, from our marketing campaigns, lead generation, negotiations, brokers open houses to even writing some of the blog posts all of you read. The most rewarding thing for us is that she has really come to love the industry we love and will soon be licensed to sell Real Estate! We would have loved to make Cathy a permanent member of our growing team, but she accepted a job offer to start her Real Estate career in her dream city of Santa Barbra.

Looking at an internship in the traditional sense, one would think the intern would do all of the learning. In our case, we have learned life lessons from Cathy. Her zeal for life and adventure as an avid surfer, traveler, and sometimes camper has taught us that no matter what there is always room for adventure while achieving your dreams, you just have to be open to it and go for it. Cathy is a great example of going after your dreams, she wrote us an unsolicited email for an internship… that’s what going after your dreams looks like!



As we bid goodbye to Cathy we are filled with so many mixed emotions. From extreme excitement and hearts full of happiness for her new life and what she is set to to do in this world, to sadness to saying goodbye to one of the most inspiring people we have had the privilege of meeting.  We knew from the moment we met Cathy that she is a smart, ambitious, and very personable woman, however we didn’t now how much she would teach us in the short amount of time we got to know her.  Her always eagerness to learn and ability to exceed any task that was given to her will undoubtedly carry her far not only in her Real Estate career but in any journey she sets out to accomplish.

Thank you Cathy for all that you’ve done for the Weber Accetta Real Estate Group. You will be greatly missed and incredibly hard, if not impossible, to replace. We wish you the best for your new chapter in your life in Santa Barbara! We love you and know you are going to do great things and we can not wait to see what’s in store for you!

*** If any of you are looking for a bad ass soon-to-be agent in the Santa Barbara area, Cathy is your girl!

Chicago for the Women’s Council of Realtor’s Leadership Academy

Hello! And my apologies for a much over due blog post. I will confess that it has not been much of a Weber “weekly” this past month. However, I am happy to say it is because I have been busy working with clients, participating in a leadership program, learning the ropes as president elect for the Women’s Council of Realtors, and volunteering with the Nisei Week Foundation. Today, I wanted to share about my trip to Chicago for the Women’s Council of Realtor’s Leadership Academy.

Every year, the President Elects gather in Chicago, Illinois to network, learn more about the Women’s Council of Realtors organization as a whole, and enrich our leadership skills as we prepare for our year ahead as President’s of our local chapters. I attended this leadership academy a couple weekends ago and it was filled with many firsts for me. I had never traveled and explored a new city alone before, nor have I ever held a position such as President or President Elect for that matter. I knew it was going to be a weekend of growth and adventure but I had no idea to what extent.

For starters, I met so many inspiring women from around our Nation who all share common goals. First, to be successful Real Estate agents, but more impressively, to be leaders in the industry. Sharing stories about why we stepped into this position and communicating concerns, has helped shed some fears I’ve had about this big responsibility and in exchange am excited for our futures ahead. I met women who have been members of WCR for 15, 20, 30, even 40+ years! Their continuous years of commitment to membership and involvement is a true testament to this organization.

I learned more about the history of Women’s Council of Relators (WCR), being that it was first formed by the California Real Estate Association as a Women’s Division in 1924 after members attended the National Association’s convention in Washington D.C. Fourteen years later, the president of the National Associations of Realtors acknowledged and supported this group by expanding it to a National level. Since this inception in 1938, WCR’s membership growth has reflected the vast number of women choosing a career in real estate. One shocking fact that I learned over the weekend was that in the beginning of women pursuing real estate as a career, men used to be paid a commission while women would be compensated with gifts such as a bottle of wine. This alone has opened my eyes to how far we have come in our profession.

Our mission statement is:
We are a network of successful REALTORS, advancing women as professionals and leaders in business, the industry and the communities we serve.

I’ve known this mission statement for the past three years of my involvement in WCR. However, now it holds so much more meaning to me. The work I’ve put into being a board member of this organization has been time consuming, challenging, and at times a bit scary. But I am learning what it takes to be a leader and I can only hope that I can step up to this position to ultimately better serve my clients, colleagues, and community.

This video was played on the first day of our learning modules and has stuck with me since. It embodies so much inspiration and has provoked thoughts of where I am going and what type of life I want to live. I decided six years ago, in the beginning of my career, that I will be 110% dedicated to serve, learn, and grow so that I can be something bigger than myself. I don’t want to live this life playing small, I want to play big. My hope is that EVERYONE can recognize the leader within themselves. I have been so fortunate to have discovered that I do have the capacity to lead, but it was only with the support and encouragement from my mentors, leaders, friends, and family who showed me first that they believe in me and my abilities. I am forever grateful for each and every one of these people, for life’s opportunities, and for the continuous challenges that push me to be the best that I hope to be. I welcome 2016 as the President of Women’s Council of Realtors, South Bay and hope to be able to fill the big shoes that have lead before me. It is an honor to continue on the legacy that the women before me have set in place to support the immense potential of women in real estate.

Count Your Blessings Every Day and Dream Big! 

Hello my Weber Weekly readers!
This week I wanted to give you guys a little inspiration to take with you whether you are interested in buying or selling real estate or not. Over the past couple of weeks I have been reflecting a lot on the importance of having a positive attitude and mindset. It’s easy to get caught up in the drama of everyday life and we are all guilty of sometimes stressing over the little stuff, but what helps me get through these things is taking a moment to pause and reflect on all the amazing things that I am blessed with in my life. One little shift in my thought process can make all the difference to push me over almost any hurdle or challenge. It’s the motivation and positivity that helps me clear my mind to find a solution which I would have otherwise been blinded from had I remained focused on problem at hand. To begin this change of mindset you can start small with the things immediately surrounding you. Thinking things like “I am blessed to have air in my lungs, I am grateful for the roof over my head, I am thankful to have clothes on my back and food in my stomach…” The list can be endless if you count every little blessing, leading up to “I am thankful to have the opportunity to overcome this challenge to learn from and grow as a person”.
It may sound silly, but the next time you feel yourself frustrated or stressed out give it a try. Step away from the issue, breath, count your blessings, and then make a decision to move forward once you can start to feel your warm your heart.

As Winston Churchill once said:
“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

I choose to be an optimist and I try to apply this in my personal and professional life. Along with being an optimist I am also a dreamer. I believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. If you have a goal in mind, create a roadmap of how you are going to get there, and if you have the right attitude to be consistent and persistent you will eventually get there.

It is with this attitude of being an optimist and a dreamer that I can truly say I LOVE what I do. How cool is it that I get to help people pursue their own dreams of becoming a home owner or selling their home for a new opportunity in their life! With this I will leave you with some of my favorite quotes. It is with my highest hopes that you can take something from this weeks blog and apply it to your life wherever you see fit. Have a fabulous day, the choice is yours!

“Opposition is a natural part of life. Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition – such as lifting weights – we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.”

-Stephen R. Covey

“Cherish your visions. Cherish your ideals. Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all heavenly environment; of these, if you but remain true to them, your world will at last be built.”

– James Allen

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.”

Wilma Rudolph

And…. one of my favorite inspirational speeches.